Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino had a heated argument over the migrant caravan attempting to enter the U.S. on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

Bleeding-heart Geraldo defends caravan

Geraldo, one of the more recognizable liberals on the conservative network, objected to the portrayal of the migrant caravan as a threat to the United States. Just days before, Geraldo defended the caravan after Border Patrol fired tear gas at migrants attempting to force their way into the U.S., saying the following: “This goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I wanna say I am ashamed. This tear gas choked me.”

Geraldo appeared on Hannity’s show and reiterated his defense of the migrant caravan. Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, refused to let him get away with it, and tried to temper his, well, temper. He replied: “Geraldo, again, I appreciate your nice comments. I consider you a friend. But you are way, way off base on this. I have stood at roll calls, I was a law enforcement officer. I’m not looking for anybody’s pat on the back, your tax dollars paid for it, it was a great job.”

Bongino slaps down Geraldo

That’s when voices start getting loud. Check out the exchange below:

Geraldo ignores the caravan threat

Frankly, Bongino and Hannity went too soft on Geraldo. The migrant caravan, despite the women and children in tow, is a threat to the safety and security of the United States. Some of the migrants literally attempted to storm their way into the country without legal permission, and violently attacking Border Patrol agents. (RELATED: Migrants Chant ‘Yes We Can,’ Attempt to Storm Southern Border.)

Not only that, but we’re learning that the caravan is housing not only criminal elements, but dangerous communicable diseases. (RELATED: Report: Caravan Migrants Carrying Communicable Diseases.)

Geraldo should know all of this before yapping his gums, defending an infectious gang-filled throng of migrants trying to enter the U.S.

Let’s hope he learned his lesson after Bongino and Hannity tag-teamed and flattened his entire flimsy argument.

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