Jon Ossoff, a Democrat Georgia Senate candidate, believes federal immigration officials should provide workplace protections for illegal immigrants, which includes enforcement of a minimum wage.

Ossoff made the argument at a campaign event over the weekend.

The Democrat was asked by a woman taking advantage of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program what he would do to protect her and her family.

“Dreamers, DACA recipients are every bit as American as any of us, and I will have your back in the U.S. Senate,” replied Ossoff.

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Jon Ossoff Makes The Case For Illegal Immigrants To Earn Minimum Wage

In a video posted to his timeline, Jon Ossoff then makes an argument for ICE to ensure illegals are paid a minimum wage.

“In Georgia’s agricultural sector, the campesinos (farm workers) who work in the fields, enduring some of the most brutal conditions of labor anywhere in this country to keep America fed, paid less than the minimum wage, [are] often subject to abuse by employers,” he said.

“When federal agents arrive at one of these farms it should be to make sure people are being paid the minimum wage, working in humane conditions,” added Ossoff.

Ossoff is involved in a runoff election with Republican Sen. David Perdue. It is one of two runoffs in the Peach State that will determine which party has control of the Senate.

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Joe Biden Makes The Case For Ossoff

President-elect Joe Biden made a rare appearance this week, emerging from his basement to stump for Ossoff and fellow radical, Raphael Warnock, another Democrat in the other Senate runoff.

CBS News reports that he praised both Ossoff and Warnock in a speech in which he declared, “I need two senators who will get something done, not two senators who will get in the way.”

But Ossoff has some extreme views and platforms, a minimum wage for illegals being one. But there are several others.

The Democrat candidate has called for placing funding for certain police departments “on the line” – code for support to ‘defund the police.’

“You have to have national standards for the use of force, and yeah, you’ve got to be able to hold individual officers and entire departments accountable, and there also has to be funding for those departments on the line,” Ossoff said.

Biden has made it clear to his fellow Democrats that defunding the police is a political loser. It’s not that he doesn’t support the idea, it’s just that he thinks candidates need to hide their anti-law enforcement views from the American people.

Other areas in which Ossoff and Biden see eye to radical eye:

  • Ossoff tried to hide his connection to the Chinese Communist government from the public.
  • Ossoff received thousands of dollars from Qatar’s state media company Al Jazeera as well as a Chinese state-backed media company.
  • Ossoff’s millionaire father met with Chinese “dignitaries” while touring the yacht he bought from a China-based company with ties to the Communist Party.
  • Ossoff has called for a ban on selling “semiautomatic rifles,” referring to them as “assault weapons.”
  • Ossoff has expressed his support for proposals backed by AOC like expanding government-backed healthcare and “core principles” of the Green New Deal.

Trump, at his own campaign event in support of Georgia Republicans Kelly Loeffler and Perdue, explained why defeating Ossoff and Warnock is so important.

“If you don’t vote, the socialists and the communists win.”

They will have clear sailing in implementing their radical agenda if they get control of the Senate.