It is an interesting time in California. Even though Joe Biden won that state in a landslide in 2020, and liberal politics absolutely dominate, it could be an exciting time to be a Republican in the Bear Republic.

If recent polls are to be believed, incumbent California Governor Gavin Newsom could actually lose his recall election – in part thanks to Latino voters going red. 

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Newsom Losing Ground

Emerson College released a poll showing that support for recalling Newsom stands at a near deadlock – 46% support, 48% oppose.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden won California by five million votes, with 63%.

Newsom himself won the state by 3 million votes in 2018, with nearly 70%.

While all the hubbub initially surrounded Caitlyn Jenner running as the GOP candidate, the popular Larry Elder has now thrown his hat in the ring. Could that swing enough votes to take down Newsom?

A little history: California politicians like Nixon and Reagan garnered large hispanic followings. 

But things started going south in the 80’s, and reached a low point in 1994 when Gov. Pete Wilson supported Prop 187, a ballot initiative that would have barred illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits. 

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Take A Page From The Texas Playbook

If the GOP can recognize that outreach needs to be done, something like the upcoming recall election in California could be transforming.

The Emerson College poll shows 54% of Latinos say they would vote to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

California Republicans would do well to take a closer look at Texas, where along the southern border in counties that are heavily Latino, more Latino candidates, especially women, are running for office as Republicans – and winning.

Many of those candidates echo the sentiment that Democrats no longer represent their conservative values.

Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez, who is running for Congress in 2022, said what many other Latinos are feeling, “I saw that the Democrat Party was just moving quickly to the left and towards socialism. And those just did not did not align with my values any longer.”

If a conservative like Larry Elder were able to wrestle control in California, and the GOP could make significant inroads with the Latino community – think Bush winning 44% of Latino voters in 2004 – the sky would be the limit.


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