Fox may be down in ratings for the week, but CNN has nothing to be excited about.

In a rarity, Fox News didn’t score the #1 spot in primetime ratings last week, which was the first time that happened in 15 weeks. The reason wasn’t a dropoff in viewership, but rather the result of a temporary boost in viewership that ESPN saw due to the U.S. Open, peaking with the match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka.

“Fox News finished second in primetime for the week of September 3 to September 9. The week prior, the network celebrated its 14th consecutive week as the No. 1 cable network in primetime” reported the Daily Caller. Fox remained #1 overall in daytime ratings.

The real story though is just how hilariously bad CNN is doing. Fox News averaged 2.26 million viewers in primetime. CNN averaged only 690,000 daily average viewers, which is worse than HGTV (1.3 million), and Nickelodeon (883,000).

In other words, CNN’s reporting is being beaten out both by home improvement shows, and the network that’s the home of Spongebob Squarepants.

In the age of Trump, the networks most explicitly backing the so-called “resistance” are struggling, which should be a sign that the public isn’t buying the narrative they’re selling. Back in February, CNN announced the layoffs of 50 people. At the time of those layoffs, CNN was averaging a comparatively higher 783,000 daily viewers, or 28% more than now. Most interestingly, CNN’s layoffs focused exclusively on their digital/online division, which is bizarre, given that analysts say that’s what has the most potential for growth. RELATED: CNN Ratings Slide – 50 Layoffs Planned

Among CNN’s recent stories include blaming the death of Mollie Tibbett’s at the hand of an illegal alien on “toxic masculinity,” dismissing criticisms of Antifa (which is majority-white) as “racist,” misrepresenting comments from Lanny Davis to run anti-Trump coverage, and kicking a guest off a segment for explaining how security clearances work.

Who wants to tune into that cuckoo land?

At this rate, the only place people will be tuning into CNN is against their will in an airport.

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