Fox News’ Chris Wallace Shuts Down Juan Williams After Comparing Cuomo To Trump

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On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace laughingly shut down contributor Juan Williams, who tried to compare sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to those of Donald Trump. 

Williams made his comments to Wallace during a discussion of the multiple accusations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Watch the segment below.

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Wallace Asks Sunday Panel If Cuomo Can Survive

Wallace began by asking the panel if Cuomo had any path forward, considering not only the charges that he fudged the numbers of nursing homes deaths related to the COVID pandemic to make his administration look better, but also the multiple charges of sexual harassment.

Members of bother parties have called for Gov. Cuomo’s resignation or impeachment.

Wallace opened up:

“They say liberals were far too slow to recognize that Cuomo made a serious mistake when he issued this directive that seniors who were in nursing — or were in hospitals should be sent back to nursing homes and then there’s the whole question of cooking the books and they also note the fact that, it wasn’t so long ago that liberals were saying, you know, if a woman accuser comes forward — they certainly said this about Brett Kavanaugh — she must be believed.”

“Now they’re a little slower to say that, they be a lot slower, when it comes to Andrew Cuomo,” Wallace added.

“Maybe a lot slower.”

Fox News’ Juan Williams acknowledged that Cuomo’s nursing home policy had caused a larger number of deaths, but wondered if the governor had actually done anything illegal.

“I think that’s just bad decision-making,” Williams said. “I don’t know that there’s anything illegal and clearly people died and there’s a terrible price for all families who lost a loved one to pay, but it was a decision.”

“I’m still curious to what exactly anyone could say that was done illegally,” Williams added.

Williams then argued that there was a stronger case against Cuomo regarding the accusations of sexual harassment against him. 

“You’re seeing a lot of Democrats who I think are resistant to the idea of a fourth term for Governor Cuomo and who see him as a bully and who has run them over,” Williams said.

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Williams Compares Cuomo To Trump

Williams added, “I also would say I don’t see any independent investigation of Donald Trump and he faced far more serious charges of sexual assault, you know, even more than that, and I don’t see those kinds of calls coming from Republicans.”

Wallace responded to Williams, while chuckling, “Well, yes, but on the other hand, I don’t know we could say that Donald Trump went uninvestigated over the course over his four years in the presidency between the special counsel and two impeachments.”

While Trump never had an independent legal investigation, it’s also fair to say he was investigated plenty by the media. 

A Google search on the topic brings nearly 35 million results – with some news outlets, like Business Insider and USA Today, returning results from just weeks before the 2020 election.

The Independent even tackled the subject after Election Day.

Watch the segment here:


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