Former Bush, Obama CIA Director ‘Agrees’ That Republicans Most Dangerous Extremists He’s Ever Seen

Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden agreed with a statement by Financial Times columnist Edward Luce that Republicans are one of the most dangerous groups he's ever seen.
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Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden agreed with a statement by Financial Times columnist Edward Luce that Republicans are the most dangerous group he’s ever seen.

Let me repeat that – The former head of National Security in this country thinks today’s Republicans are more violent and extreme than any group of people he’s ever come across.

Hayden has been in the military or government since 1967. So Republicans are more dangerous than ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Chinese Communist Party, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, etc.? The Soviet Union, for crying out loud? The Khmer Rouge?

Luce tweeted late last week that he’s “covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career” but has “never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous [and] contemptible than today’s Republicans.”

“Nothing close,” he added.

And the man who was in charge of the NSA and the CIA agrees.

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Former CIA Chief Michael Hayden Agrees

Luce’s comments could easily be dismissed as yet another example of a media member looking for sensational comments to get attention. And it clearly worked.

Enter Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA, nominated by George W. Bush and having served under President Barack Obama briefly, who presumably exemplifies the kinds of character-laden people being hired at that agency.

His analysis can’t so easily be dismissed, making him far more dangerous.

Hayden shared Luce’s tweet and added: “I agree. And I was the CIA Director.”

The conclusion here, of course, is that Hayden had to have been really, truly terrible at his job in the CIA or NSA if he thinks Republicans are the pinnacle of extremism.

And the evidence for that abounds. Hayden has been relegated to making simplistic, hyperbolic statements as a national security analyst on a failing network in CNN.

Bloomberg News in 2014 debated whether or not Hayden was the “nation’s biggest liar” or an “unassailable patriot” and suggested he may have lied to Congress during his 2007 testimony about the CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation program.’

He was also a fierce defender of the NSA’s spying programs, which were famously uncovered by Edward Snowden during the Obama administration.

In short, Hayden is an opponent of human rights and freedoms, so of course, he joined the media and made the American people his biggest enemies.

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Hayden is the True Extremist

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden is engaging in little more than projection when he makes such comments seeking out adulation from CNN fanboys and AOC wannabes.

Hayden also recently suggested former President Donald Trump should be executed.

MSNBC contributor and historian Michael Beschloss, responding to media reports that alleged without evidence that Trump had nuclear secrets in his Mar-a-Lago home prompting an FBI raid, shared an image of the Rosenbergs, convicted spies for the Soviet Union and wrote: “Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953.”

Hayden shared the tweet and added, “Sounds about right.”

It’s a comment nearly indistinguishable from any Taliban warlord.

Hayden’s troubling battle with reality has gone on for some time, however.

In 2018, Hayden equated border policies under the Trump administration to Nazi concentration camps.

“I know we’re not Nazi Germany, alright. But there is a commonality there,” he told CNN. “We have standards we have to live up to.”

Last August, he compared Trump supporters to the Taliban, sharing a split image showing Islamic militants waving guns and flags at the top and pickup trucks featuring American flags and Trump 2020 flags below.

The top image was captioned, “Their Taliban,” while the bottom read, “Our Taliban.”

Hayden also said it would be a “good idea” to send unvaccinated Trump supporters to Afghanistan.

Keep in mind – this man was at the absolute top of the national security apparatus, with enormous power. 

How many other national security bureaucrats see half of the American people as more dangerous than actual terrorists?

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