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Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorneys Cancel Event Held for Democrat Senator

Now it all makes sense.

As the Brett Kavanaugh abuse saga continues, many questions are being raised about her motives. We know that Ford is an outspoken Democrat, or at least outspoken enough to the point where she engages in liberal protests. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Accuser Donned Brain-Inspired ‘Pussy Hat’ At March For Science.)

We also know that Ford isn’t exactly doing everything she can to get her story out there. She is equivocating on whether or not to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. As of this writing, she has agreed to speak, but her list of demands contain many non-starters for the Committee. (RELATED: Senate Judiciary Committee Refuses to Accept Christine Blasey Ford’s Requests to Testify.)

Once more, it’s also suspicious that Ford had joined with Senate Democrats like Dianne Feinstein in demanding that an FBI investigation should be conducted. The FBI doesn’t investigate what is essentially a decades-old state matter. But that fact is pretty irrelevant to Ford, who is more content voicing Democrat talking points than actually getting to the bottom of her case. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Wants FBI Investigation, Won’t Testify Before Congress.)

Then there are Ford’s attorneys, who, as it turns out, are actually pretty liberal. In fact, Ford’s attorney team had to cancel a fundraiser with a major Democrat senator they had planned previously.

CNN reports:

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s campaign listed Brett Kavanaugh accuser’s attorneys as headliners at a Washington fundraiser slated to take place next month, according to a copy of the invite obtained by CNN.

Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is being represented by attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, both of whom are listed as headliners in a “cocktails and conversation” event for Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat who is facing re-election this fall. People are asked to contribute up to $1,000 to attend the October 1 event, and a source familiar with the matter said it is slated to take place at their law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks.

The legal team has since pulled out of the event:

We also learned recently that Ford’s main attorney, Debra Katz, has connections to liberal billionaire George Soros. (RELATED: Judge Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney Has Ties to George Soros.)

Did they seriously expect never to be caught?