Flashback: Twitter Exec in Hunter Biden Scandal Referred to Trump Supporters as Nazis, Attacked Middle America

Yoel Roth, the Twitter executive caught up in the Hunter Biden censorship scandal, previously dismissed rural Americans and called Trump administration officials "Nazis."
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Yoel Roth, one of the Twitter executives caught up in the Hunter Biden censorship scandal, previously dismissed rural Americans and called Trump administration officials “Nazis.”

Roth, whose name came up in the Elon Musk/Matt Taibbi Twitter internal documents dump showing a deliberate effort to squash the bombshell Hunter Biden story, with executives deliberately working at the behest of President Biden’s campaign and the DNC, has made several comments which reveal his blatant bias.

He quit Twitter in early November, shortly thereafter reluctantly admitting that censorship of the laptop story was a mistake.

Roth, however, was cited by Taibbi in a Twitter thread showing evidence that “the decision” to censor the story “was made at the highest levels of the company,” including an exchange in which he was CC’d in an interaction with another official who insisted he was “struggling to understand the policy basis” behind the decisions being made.

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Yoel Roth, Behind Hunter Censorship, Accuses Others of Being Nazis

Censoring legitimate news in order to sway an election, something Yoel Roth has been proven to have engaged in with the Hunter censorship story, seems like the actions of a wannabe dictator.

Yet here he was in 2017, referring to then-President Trump and his administration as the real “Nazis.”

“Yes, that person in the pink hat is clearly a bigger threat to your brand of feminism than ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE,” he wrote in response to a rift amongst feminists at the Women’s March. You remember them, they ran around in “pussy hats.”

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Been Caught Before

And that wasn’t the only time that Yoel Roth, a melodramatic Hillary supporter who was placed in charge of integrity at Twitter, compared the Trump administration to Nazis.

He specifically compared former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to Joseph Goebbels.

“‘Today on Meet The Press, we’re speaking with Joseph Goebbels about the first 100 days’ … What I hear whenever Kellyanne is on a news show,” he tweeted.

Roth has also called Trump a “racist tangerine” in a tweet sneering about voters in the midwest and Bible belt.

That was the guy in charge of “integrity” at Twitter. Are you surprised that he’d be involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Rather than a comeuppance, Roth argued that Twitter chief Elon Musk was endangering the “safety” of those who engaged in censorship by revealing the game.

“Publicly posting the names and identities of front-line employees involved in content moderation puts them in harm’s way and is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do,” he complained on an alternate social media site known as Mastodon.

Acting like a propagandist from 1930s Germany while calling everybody else a Nazi is what puts people in harm’s way. Meddling in an election and changing the course of American history by cheating the system is what puts people in harm’s way.

Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. That’s why Roth is running from responsibility here.

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