Flashback: Left-Wing Riots Force White House Into Lockdown, President Trump Rushed To Bunker

may 2020 riot
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The definition of an ‘insurrection,’ according to Oxford, is “a violent uprising against an authority or government.”

While Democrats have used the term heavily to describe the Capitol riot, it at the very least would also apply to the far-left riots which took place outside the White House in May of 2020.

The May riots are something the left desperately wants you to forget. There are no mentions of them when people talk about actual ‘insurrection.’ There are no public hearings or sideshows repeatedly condemning them as a threat to democracy.

And yet, they were real. They did happen. And could you for one second even imagine this kind of riot taking place outside the White House by conservative supporters of President Trump with Joe Biden inside the building?

Let’s look back at the violent riots and remember what happened.

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The May 2020 Riots

Bear in mind that scenes like the one above were playing out all across the country at the time, anger spilling over from the police killing of George Floyd.

The Capitol protest took place over a few hours and in one central location. The race riots of 2020 lasted from spring into summer. Those right outside the White House lasted multiple days and nights.

A New York Times report at the time describes a scene near the White House as having “spiral(ed) out of control again.”

The report notes the extent of the damage in surrounding areas, describing people being “hit in the head” while “others started fires,” pointing out that “troops” had to be called in to quell the violence as “hundreds of people surged in front of the White House for a third straight night.”

The White House was placed on lockdown and President Trump had to be whisked away to a bunker by Secret Service agents. The bunker, according to the Associated Press, “was designed for use in emergencies like terrorist attacks.”

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Democrats Mocked Trump

Where are the hearings on these riots?

Where are the teary-eyed mugs of Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Adam Schiff, and Bennie Thompson on our television screens lecturing the American people over this clear ‘insurrection’ attempt in the nation’s Capital?

While Democrats and the media would have shed their crocodile tears over the riots of May 2020 if Biden were in office, accusing conservatives of attempted murder, they instead mocked President Trump for his reaction.

They blasted Trump by repeating lines about “peaceful protesters” being cleared from the area surrounding St. John’s Church.

In reality, law enforcement cleared out violent anarchists who had tried to burn the church down the night before and who pelted officers with various projectiles that very day.

In a unique Jedi mind trick, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar (D) said President Trump must be condemned for allegedly “glorifying violence” against extremist rioters.

Trump at the time delivered a White House Rose Garden speech about restoring law and order before walking across the street to St. John’s Church where he held up a Bible.

Biden at the time quipped that he “just hope he’d open it (the Bible) once in a while.”

The New York Times jabbed Trump for ‘shrinking back‘ as the violence was unfolding outside the White House.

Liberals started trending the hashtag ‘#BunkerBoy‘ as a means to make fun of the President at the time.

Even as Secret Service agents were reporting being wounded and there were active threats about potential car bombs in the area.

The riots in May and June of 2020 were downplayed and the violence even laughed at. 

Don’t forget. 

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