Flashback: Biden Said He’d Wait Until Election Results Were Independently Certified To Declare Victory


Joe Biden, when asked at the first presidential debate whether he would wait to declare victory in the election until results had been independently certified, said yes.

That answer has certainly proven false in the past nine days.

During the first chaotic presidential debate, both Biden and President Donald Trump were asked by moderator Chris Wallace if they would wait for an independent certification to declare victory.

“Yes,” was Biden’s flat-out response.

Instead, the media declaration that he was the victor has been enough to compel Biden’s campaign to embark on a coronation of the Democrat nominee.

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Biden Didn’t Wait For The Election Results to Be Certified Before Declaring Victory

Furthermore, Biden actually went so far as to note the importance of counting all of the ballots cast in the election before declaring victory.

“Here’s the deal. We count the ballots, as you pointed out,” he told Wallace.

“Some of these ballots in some states can’t even be opened until election day,” continued Biden. “And if there’s thousands of ballots, it’s going to take time to do it.”

Thus far, only the media has declared victory for Biden.

Despite the coronation, the General Services Administration (GSA) has thus far not determined the Democrat has officially won the presidential election.

President Trump has refused to concede the race and has waged legal challenges in several pivotal swing states where he currently trails in the vote count.

Even in the face of a contested, uncertified election, Biden told supporters: “The people of this nation have spoken. They’ve delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory.”

He’s even named his new chief of staff.

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Biden’s Flip-Flopping History

Biden has proven time and again during this campaign alone that his word means nothing.

When catering to the far-left environmentalists in the primaries, the former Vice President repeatedly hinted that he would ban fracking.

When needing to cater to Pennsylvanians in the general election, he denied ever saying it.

When catering to the far-left environmentalists in the primaries, Biden said he was down with the Green New Deal. He touted it on his campaign website.

When needing to cater to more reasonable voters in the general election, he couldn’t run away from the Green New Deal fast enough.

When serving as a ‘moderate’ Democrat in the Senate Biden, for decades, supported the Hyde Amendment which bars using federal funds for abortions except in the extremely rare cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

When he needed pro-abortion extremists to support his presidential campaign, he backpedaled yet again.

It’s almost as if Biden simply says whatever he thinks the person or people asking him would want to hear, rather than the truth.

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