Far-Left Democrats Meltdown Over Parental Rights and Child Protections in Schools, Likening It to ‘Fascism’

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Last week House Republicans narrowly passed a Parental Bill of Rights. So how would something as benign and seemingly common sense as a Parental Bill of Rights be dead on arrival in the Senate, as it most certainly is?

Because obviously, solidifying the God-given rights of parents is clearly fascist. I mean, who the hell do these parents think they are anyway? You’d think they had some innate investment in the lives of the little people they are financially and societally responsible for. 

It’s a sad state of affairs when something as simple as parents knowing what the hell is going on with their children needs to be solidified into law, but here we are.

So let’s take a peek at what has the liberals clutching their comfort animals in outrage.

What’s In It

Before we can explore the ridiculous claims of the left, it’s essential first to understand what is actually in this Parents Bill of Rights Act.

Among a vast array of what most of us in the real world consider unquestionable rights of parents, the act requires school districts to give parents access to curriculum and reading lists.

The act also must inform parents if school staff is encouraging or promoting their child’s gender transition, if applicable:

“parents have the right to know if a school employee or contractor acts to…change a minor child’s gender markers, pronouns, or preferred name, or…allow a child to change the child’s sex-based accommodations, including locker rooms or bathrooms.”

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It seems pretty basic. I’m a parent, and I sure would like to know if my child is telling their teachers that they want to be called a different name and use the other bathroom. 

I can’t even get my six-year-old daughters’ ears pierced without bringing her birth certificate, my state ID, and a retina scan to prove that, yes, indeed, I am OK as her mother with her getting her ears pierced. And yet, the Democrats seem to think this language is dangerous and out of bounds.

You’re Probably A Fascist If…

Naturally, anything that remotely deals with traditional family values, like parents being involved in their child’s lives, was met with hyperbole and inept historical references.

First up, the always good for a fascist name drop Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said:

“This Republican bill is asking the government to force the outing of LGBT people before they are ready. When we talk about progressive values, I can say what my progressive value is, and that is freedom over fascism.”

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Because it’s always best to isolate a child who may be confused about their sexual identity and preference from the two people who provide them shelter, safety, and security.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said of MAGA Republicans:

“They want to ban books, they want to bully the LGBTQ+ community, they want to bring guns into classrooms, Kindergarten and above. That’s their educational agenda.”

Perhaps had there been an armed security officer at any number of the schools that have experienced mass shootings like the one executed by a transgender individual earlier this week, three nine year olds and three teachers would be alive today… but I digress.

Let’s talk about these books that we so-called MAGA Republicans ‘want ‘banned.’

The Classics

I grew up around books and still love books to this day. But, I rarely liked any books I was forced to read in school; Great Expectations was not a favorite of mine, nor was Lord of the Flies.

However, I’m glad I missed out on some of the books in school libraries today.

Congressman Jeffries spouted:

“They want to ban a book called ‘Melissa’, a book describing in very personal terms, the experience of a trans girl beginning to understand her identity.”

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The online book description of ‘Melissa’ includes the following:

“When people look at Melissa, they think they see a boy named George. But she knows she’s not a boy. She knows she’s a girl. Melissa thinks she’ll have to keep this a secret forever. Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ Melissa really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte. But the teacher says she can’t even try out for the part … because she’s a boy.”

Or how about ‘Beyond Magenta’ written by Susan Kuklin with this blurp:

“From six and up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral.”

I’ll take Pip and Stella over that trash any day.

If It’s Not Fascist, It’s Probably Marxist

An MSNBC article by Hayes Brown expertly points out the ludicrous nature of the left’s arguments that the Parents Bill of Rights is ‘fascist’ and ‘dangerous.’

Brown points out as if this is a bad thing that the bill would require parents to:

“provide their consent before any mental health screening takes place at schools, a clear reference to screenings related to gender dysphoria.”

Why would anyone or any group be against parents giving consent to medical action on their kids? I’m a student of history, and this seems awfully familiar…

This sounds a lot like Marxism. The best way to indoctrinate and control a mass population is to start with children. The ‘state’ must effectively replace the parent to brainwash them efficiently. 

Now, maybe I’m just being an alarmist, perhaps as some of my left-leaning friends like to tell me, I’m “falling for the propaganda” from the right. But, in that case, is it still normal to exclude parents from what is happening to their children in their schools?

The answer is no, no, it is not, yet it is happening every day in schools nationwide. One hundred sixty-eight school districts that govern shy of 6,000 schools have rules prohibiting parents from knowing about their child’s gender status. 

Don’t fall for their propaganda, is what I say; they are trying to take your kids away from you. Perhaps not physically… but they are trying to do so mentally and emotionally. 

We shouldn’t need a Parents Bill of Rights, but thanks to “Progressives,” we do. And it’s only a matter of time before they start to justify physically taking your children away from you… all because you refuse to comply.

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