Exclusive: We Asked Mark Cuban About A Presidential Run – Here’s What He Said!

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, star of the hit show Shark Tank, and billionaire businessman, took a moment to speak with The Political Insider about several topics, most notably tackling recent rumors about a possible presidential or vice-presidential bid.

Cuban has previously expressed some positive things regarding Republican candidate Donald Trump saying the real estate mogul has “changed the game” by giving “honest answers rather than prepared answers.”

Cuban recently stirred the political world when he expressed interest in serving as vice-president to either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

He lays claim to being an Independent who is “not ideologically similar to either” candidate, but says each holds appeal in that “they both seem to realize you can’t legislate morality.”

Those differences would actually be an asset to either candidate, Cuban believes.

“I look at each issue and try to learn as much as I can about it,” he explained. “That comes from questioning everyone.”

Cuban added, “The best solutions to problems come from people who have different perspectives … That’s why I would be fine working with either candidate.”

A few weeks ago, reports surfaced that Republicans had reached out to the Mavs owner to run as a third-party candidate for President.

Cuban declined to identify those who had contacted him, but said the system makes it nearly impossible for an ‘individual’ such as himself to run.

“Ballot access laws in each state are ridiculous,” he claimed, saying there wasn’t enough time to mount a presidential run at this stage of the game. “The state of Texas requires 50,000 signatures to get on the ballot. The system needs to change.  It is structured to keep new candidates and parties off of the ballots.”

“Our best and brightest can’t run for president in this country,” Cuban said. “The system is set to prevent individuals from choosing to run for president.”

If there were time, what would make the billionaire a better candidate than Clinton or Trump? His independence.

“I’m not partisan,” Cuban reasoned. “I look at each issue and try to find solutions rather than apply dogma.”

“The minute you act as a conservative or as a liberal to define your solutions, you have eliminated most of your options,” he concluded. “That’s not a smart way to run a country.”

What are your thoughts on Mark Cuban? Does his independence and willingness to work with either candidate make him appealing? Is he right that America’s best and brightest are prevented from running for President? Share your thoughts on our interview below.

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