Former deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes, claimed on Monday that “foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden.”

Democrats previously pushed an investigation of President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for speaking with foreign leaders before the president-elect was sworn in.

Rhodes: ‘Foreign Leaders Are Already Having Phone Calls With Joe Biden’

That investigation was pursued under an arcane law called the Logan Act.  

Rhodes told MSNBC on Monday that Biden was already doing what Flynn was accused of, and was considered a criminal act. Flynn was forced to resign at the beginning of Trump’s presidency in 2017 because Obama advisers accused him of violating the Logan Act.

Democrats said he was in violation of the act because the general had spoken with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

At the time, The Washington Post said about Flynn’s call: “it would not be uncommon for incoming administrations to interface with foreign governments with whom they will soon have to work.” Despite it’s normalcy, an FBI investigation was still launched against Flynn, resulting in his ultimate resignation

Rhodes comments came while dismissing President Donald Trump challenging the election results.  

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“The Trump people seem to be talking like they have some agency here,” Rhodes said. “We’re going to have the pageantry already of the president-elect announcing his advisory board.”

“He’s going to start announcing cabinet secretaries,” Rhodes said. “The center of political gravity in this country and the world is shifting to Joe Biden.”

That’s when the former Obama adviser seemingly unintentionally let the cat out of the bag.

“Foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden, talking about the agenda they’re going to pursue January 20th,” Rhodes claimed.

You Have GOT To Be Kidding


A. Biden is committing a crime as the left insisted Flynn did.
B. Biden is not committing a crime as the right and the Trump administration insisted Flynn wasn’t.

You can’t have it both ways.

Rhodes went on as if he hadn’t said what he had just said and waxed fancifully about the incoming administration.

“I remember, I was on the incoming side, where I felt the spotlight shifting to us in 2008 and I was on the outgoing side in 2016 when it was shifting away from us to Donald Trump,” Rhodes continued.

“That’s just going to happen regardless of what they do,” Rhodes added.

Is This A Preview Of How Corrupt A Biden Administration Will Be?

Now, according to Rhodes, Joe Biden is chatting it up with many foreign officials.

Is anyone investigating Biden? How many outlets are reporting this?

Is this just a naked preview of how hypocritical and corrupt we can expect a Biden administration to be?

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