The current burning buildings moving through America today are the legacy of Barack Obama.

You don’t believe me? As President of the United States, he gave Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA his support and blessings and sided with them rather than law enforcement in Ferguson and Baltimore. He has created a liberal goon army to replace the KKK as the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, and now they are working his Constitution destruction blueprint through mindless and senseless violence and chaos. This is your legacy Barry – own it.


The Obamas had the golden opportunity of a lifetime when they were elected to the highest office in the world, to make a dramatic and positive influence on the black communities in our inner cities.

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He could have funneled those billions, maybe trillions of dollars into the cities and turned them into “gleaming” safe cities of the future. He could have rebuilt the failing schools. “They” should have set the example of that rare thing in Northern cities — THE BLACK FAMILY (you know- one that has a FATHER and a mother and a home to live in). They could have worked with private enterprise and brought businesses and jobs to the cities. They could have worked WITH the police to create better neighborhoods, instead of against the police and label them as the enemy of the black man and woman. He is a pathological narcissist- and loves the sound of his lying voice.

Obama could have encouraged black youth to pursue an education, and “maybe you can be President, like me.” He could have given them hope and inspiration. Instead, he chose to advance his agenda by keeping blacks on the path of losers, blaming others for their failure.

The problems in some cities and schools can’t be fixed with money, as history shows. From memory, I believe Baltimore spends far above the national average on schools, and the schools are a disaster. This country has been throwing money at poverty and disfunction for generations, and if anything, it’s counterproductive.

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The only thing that was ever required of Obama is that he becomes a decent human being, and he couldn’t even do that right. He did not have to perform academically; he was a fake student and a fake professor.

He rose to Congress by undercutting his opponents, the best example being the sudden opening of Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce settlement.

He had the good fortune to run against a non-fighting Sen. John McCain (2008) and then, in 2012, the truly weird “Pierre Delecto” Romney for president.

The list of negative accomplishments as president is well-known to AT readers and commenters. For this audience, I don’t need to re-present his series of embarrassments to the Republic.


He made race relations worse. He further divided the country with his rhetoric while POTUS. He doesn’t like America at all, which is why he wants to transform it fundamentally.

Obama is a Marxist. He believes he and the upper “intelligentsia” should rule over we serfs and make sure we all are equal, equally miserable, and subservient to the government-run by him and associated Democrat Marxists.

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Amazingly, so many people here in America want the government to rule over them and don’t realize the resultant loss of freedom and liberty under Marxist policies as promulgated by Obama and the current crop of Democrats.


If anyone thinks Barack Obama isn’t still ACTIVELY working to subvert the will of the people from the 2016 election, they’re not paying attention. The number of declassified documents – available to anyone willing to take time to read them – expose and validate what we’ve always known; Obama is hopelessly corrupt.

The damages done to this country by Obama and his treasonous administration may not be reversed. IF they are, it will take decades, and likely a lot of blood.



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