Eric Bolling Addresses Son’s Death from Opioids in White House Video

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This had to be the hardest thing in the world to do. In fact, it was admitted as such by the man himself.

Eric Bolling, former Fox News host, gave a powerful testimony as part of a White House project addressing the opioid crisis that is ongoing in our country. Eric’s son tragically died of an opioid overdose last fall.

Eric has been understandably quiet about his son’s death, revealing only recently that President Trump called him after learning the news to express his condolences.

Now that the White House is starting in earnest a campaign to combat the opioid scourge that is ravishing small-town America, Bolling is lending his story to the effort. Grab your Kleenex, because this one will shake you to your core:

What powerful words. “We never saw it coming. We never thought we would get that call. Every parent doesn’t want it, and we got it,” Bolling said. How true is that?

Here was the most affecting part: “I didn’t know where to go. I had no support system. And so I went to Twitter and I said, ‘Look, this happened.’ I was overwhelmed by the number of people who opio[i]ds are affecting.”

The truth is there is little in the way of support systems for those affected by opioid addiction or their families. It’s a shame upon our country that we’ve let this slow killing fester for so long, that we allow families to make billions off the addiction and misery of others. He also touched on the point that the laws surrounding alternatives to opiate pain medication, including extremely popular herb kratom, are not helping addicts and their loves ones have a clear road to a life without prescription pain medication.

That was incredibly brave of Bolling to share the story of his son’s death. And it couldn’t have been easy. Eric said as much over Twitter:

President Trump was moved by Eric’s story and wished him well:

Let’s hope the White House initiative to combat the opioid crisis isn’t just window dressing. Under any other administration, this problem would be ignored. A President Hillary Clinton or President Jeb Bush would deliberately avoid the epidemic, because they don’t regard those suffering as “their” people.

Thank goodness we have a president in the White House who actually cares for those hurting from opioids, and wants to do something about it.

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