Elizabeth Warren Falsely Blames ‘Filibuster’ and ‘Minority’ For Failed Democrat Abortion Bill

Elizabeth Warren seemed confused about the meaning of the words 'filibuster' and 'minority' as she angrily condemned failure of the passage of a Democrat abortion bill using alternative facts.

Senator Elizabeth Warren seemed confused about the meaning of the words ‘filibuster’ and ‘minority’ as she angrily condemned failure of the passage of a Democrat abortion bill using alternative facts.

Democrats, as you may be aware, scheduled a vote on the bill to expand abortion and ‘codify’ them into federal law on Wednesday.

The bill failed, having been voted down by a bipartisan majority of 51-49, thanks to Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) joining Republicans in opposition.

Warren, speaking with CNN correspondent Manu Raju, railed that the vote was an affront to democracy, suggested the minority party controlled the vote, and blamed the filibuster.

“I believe in democracy, and I don’t believe the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority wants to do,” Warren (D-MA) said. “That’s not in the Constitution.”

“What we’re talking about right now are the individual rights and liberties of half the population of the United States of America,” she continued. “I think that’s enough to say it’s time to get rid of the filibuster.”

The problem is, all of that is false.

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Elizabeth Warren Rails Against the Filibuster and Minority, Neither of Which Came Into Play

There are, of course, a couple of fatal flaws with Elizabeth Warren’s response – chief among them involving the insinuation that the ‘minority’ in the Senate was able to kill the bill via the ‘filibuster.’

Neither of these things happened in reality.

The vote on the Democrat abortion bill failed to achieve majority support outright. Meaning that the filibuster – or need to secure 60 votes for passage – never came into play and certainly wasn’t used by the minority to block the majority party.

Oh, and one more thing – With Manchin’s vote, opposition to the bill was actually, by definition, bipartisan.

Missed it by that much, Senator Warren.

Warren wasn’t the only one failing to grasp the reality and facts behind the vote. The media repeated the disinformation as nauseam.

Raju perhaps didn’t provide any pushback to Warren’s comments, because he didn’t understand the process himself.

Where is that so-called Disinformation Governance Board when you need them? Because the factless claim was echoed over and over again …

Why do they repeat the lie? Oh yes … because they can.

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Warren’s Unhinged Rants

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re not simply lying for the heck of it. So I came up with two reasons Elizabeth Warren may have misled about the filibuster and alleged minority control.

One – She has filibuster on the brain.

Warren has been invoking the filibuster for some time, pressing for its elimination in the wake of a draft opinion indicating the landmark Roe v. Wade decision may be overturned by the Supreme Court.

One of Warren’s strategies to fight back against the ‘extremist’ Supreme Court was to end the filibuster and vote for the aforementioned legislation making abortion the law of the land.

See, she thought by doing so, the bill would have actually passed because Democrats are in the majority.

Then there is reason number two – She really has gone off the reservation over this.

As evidenced by a recent video of her angrily denouncing the Supreme Court through a repeatedly cracking voice and perpetual finger-pointing.

She followed that performance with another angry tirade saying, “We’ve heard enough from the extremists! And we’re tired of it.”

Warren made these comments as she was leaving the protest, still visibly shaken, her body trembling with anger, short of breath.

If you thought she was angry then, wait until Elizabeth Warren finds out the majority of Senators shot down the abortion bill making a Republican filibuster unnecessary.

Somebody is going to tell her, right?

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