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FBI Informant Drops Explosive Details of Clinton’s Uranium One Scandal While Dying from Cancer

Finally, the deep connections between Hillary Clinton, the criminal money-laundering enterprise known as the “Clinton Foundation,” and the real collusion between former President Barack Obama’s White House and Moscow are being exposed.

Now, in a stunning development, an FBI informant in the Uranium One controversy has testified against the Obama Administration this week, noting he was “frustrated” by actions that directly benefited the Russian government. These moves functionally tied the Clintons to a bribery scheme orchestrated by Russian government leaders.

As The Hill reports, Douglas Campbell, the informant, explains the toll his work has caused. He is struggling with brain cancer and leukemia, on top of excessive alcohol problems. In addition, he was never reimbursed for the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” he used of his own money to make bribe payments under the FBI’s direction to the Russians to protect his cover.

Campbell was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in a position to influence the Obama Administration… specifically Hillary Clinton.

In his testimony to three congressional committees in a written statement, he noted that Moscow routed millions of dollars to the United States with the expectation that it would be used to benefit the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s “charitable efforts” while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton oversaw the proverbial “reset” of American-Russian relations.

In addition to his written statement, Campbell on Wednesday was interviewed for multiple hours behind closed doors by staff from both parties on the Senate Judiciary, House Intelligence, and House Oversight and Government Reform committees.

As The Hill reported, “Much of the GOP’s interest in Campbell’s story centers on the Obama administration’s approval of the Uranium One deal. That deal at the time gave the Russian mining giant Rosatom control of roughly 20 percent of America’s capacity to mine uranium.” In addition, “The deal was approved unanimously in 2010 by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a multi-agency board that includes the State Department, the Defense Department and the Justice Department, among other agencies. The board has the power to block deals that threaten national security.”

It’s clear that the Deep State is worried about his testimony. Yahoo News, the same publication that was where Michael Isikoff was used as a DNC mole during the creation of fake Trump dossiers that were used for justifications for FISA warrants, is already taking direct aim at Campbell this morning, using the trending hashtag #Uranium One.

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Clinton, said Campbell’s account is simply being used to distract from the investigations into President Trump and Russia.

“Just yesterday the committee made clear that this secret informant charade was just that, a charade. Along with the widely debunked text-message-gate and Nunes’ embarrassing memo episode, we have a trifecta of GOP-manufactured scandals designed to distract from their own President’s problems and the threat to democracy he poses,” Merrill said.

Campbell says he provided the FBI the evidence of wrongdoing months before the Obama Administration approved a series of favorable decisions that enriched Rosatom, including the CFIUS decision. So what did the FBI do with that information? The American people deserve answers.

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