Donald J. Trump, a successful billionaire businessman, doesn’t just talk about capitalism and entrepreneurship… He lives it every day! As a world-class negotiator, he has pulled off extraordinary real estate deals that have turned him into a celebrity. And he’s using his platform to make his case as to why he’s the most conservative candidate for President.

Trump, as an American patriot, made a BOLD move to support America’s military veterans! He penned a letter to CNN, noting how high their advertising rates are for next week’s Republican presidential debate. Addressing his comments to CNN president Jeff Zucker, Trump challenged him to donate the debate advertising profits to veterans charities.

As Trump notes, advertising sales for the network have grown 2000% in preparation for the debate:

Trade publications have reported that CNN is asking for up to $200,000 for a 30-second ad, and that typical rates run as low as $5,000.

Trump writes that the spike in viewer interest “is due 100 percent to Donald J. Trump.”

Trump noted, “The veterans of our country, our finest people, have been treated horribly by our government and it’s ‘all talk and no action’ politicians.”

This is incredible… Trump is yet to win an election, but is already doing more for our veterans than President Barack Obama ever has. As a private citizen, he’s taking a leadership role and doing the right thing!

Considering how biased and liberal the questions from CNN’s debate moderators will be, it would be nice to know that something good came from the two-hour broadcast.

Do you agree that CNN should donate the advertising revenue from next week’s CNN debates?