President Trump joked Monday that the only way to get the media to thoroughly investigate Hillary Clinton would be for him to nominate her to the Supreme Court.

Speaking at a rally for Ted Cruz in Houston Monday night, the President wondered aloud what it would finally take for the media to scrutinize Hillary for all of her past misdeeds – the private email server, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and on and on.

“If you want the fake news to finally investigate Hillary Clinton, we will just have to nominate Hillary Clinton to the United States Supreme Court,” he announced to the crowd.

“How do you like that idea? Let’s see how she does.”

Would the media finally investigate Hillary?

Lamenting what Kavanaugh went through, with a multi-tiered Democrat smear campaign scraping the bottom of the barrel to find dishonest individuals to promote a wild gang-rape conspiracy, Trump dreamt of what a similar analysis of Clinton might reveal.

“If Judge Kavanaugh had to go through what he went through,” he said, “can you imagine Hillary up there? That would take three to four years of questions.”

With all due respect, Mr. President, there’s simply no way in hell the media would ever scrutinize a Clinton the way they would somebody associated with the Trump White House.

Because of that, the joke works on so many levels. Clinton, the media, the Democrats – they’re all the punchline.

How the FBI handled Kavanaugh versus Clinton

Seven, count em’ – SEVEN – investigations into Kavanaugh’s background, including a nationally viewed spectacle of specious allegations of sexual misconduct, were conducted by the FBI.

An executive summary of the seventh investigation, which included the two main allegations concluded: “There is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez.”

There wasn’t even an effort to look into the allegations by Julie Swetnick, whose story was so off the rails that nobody except porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and the liberal media gave it any credence.

Contrast those investigations and the 24/7 news cycle Kavanaugh was subjected to, to the free ride given to Clinton by the FBI, who exonerated her for having an illegal private server under the guise of being unable to determine ‘intent.’

Where top aides involved in the crime were given immunity and allowed to sit in on her interview with the FBI, something that a federal judge recently described as leaving him “shocked” and “dumbfounded.”

The one where former FBI Director James Comey drafted his letter clearing Hillary of any criminal wrongdoing long before interviewing her and 17 other witnesses.

Even in the aftermath, the media will continue to portray Kavanaugh as a sexual deviant for years to come, while they ignore the crime trail throughout Hillary’s career.

What if Hillary was on the Supreme Court?

Well, perhaps if the media finally did do a deep dive on Clinton just because their nemesis Donald Trump nominated her, they’d stumble on her rich history of questionable or downright illegal behavior.

Maybe they’d even get around to investigating those rape allegations against her husband.

You know, there’s an old joke about Hillary requesting that Trump put her on the Supreme Court should, God forbid, something happens to another Justice on the court.

It bears repeating …

Upon hearing the awful news that a member of the Supreme Court had passed away, Hillary phoned the president’s office. It was just past midnight.

“I need to talk to the president, it’s an emergency!”, exclaimed Hillary.

After some cajoling, President Trump’s assistant agreed to wake him up.

“What is it that’s so important that it can’t wait until morning?”, bellowed Trump.

“A Supreme Court Judge just died, and I want to take their place,” begged Hillary.

“Well, it’s OK with me if it’s OK with the mortuary,” replied the President.

It’d all be so funny if it weren’t so sad. Hillary and her husband have gotten away with so much over the years, and the media is mostly to blame for them getting a free pass.

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