Donald Trump: Democrats’ Infrastructure ‘Tax Hike Is Globalist Betrayal By Joe Biden And His Friends’

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On Wednesday, former President Trump released a statement on President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal.

Trump slammed Biden’s “radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history” as a “massive giveaway to China.”

Some of the details of Biden’s plan are available here.

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Trump Accuses Biden Of Putting China First

Trump said this move by the Biden administration will displace thousands of “factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars to these competitive Nations.”

“Biden promised to ‘build back better’—but the country he is building up, in particular, is China,” Trump claimed.

Trump then added, “America is once again losing the economic war with China—and Biden’s ludicrous multi-trillion dollar tax hike is a strategy for total economic surrender.”

The former Republican president also noted that raising taxes on American businesses would hurt American workers.

Trump Opposes Biden Tax Hikes

Trump said,  “Under Biden’s plan, if you create jobs in America, and hire American workers, you will pay MORE in taxes—but if you close down your factories in Ohio and Michigan, fire U.S. workers, and move all your production to Beijing and Shanghai, you will pay LESS.”

“It is the exact OPPOSITE of putting America First—it is putting America LAST!” Trump declared.

“Companies that send American jobs to China should not be rewarded by Joe Biden’s Tax Bill, they should be punished so that they keep those jobs right here in America, where they belong,” Trump added.

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Trump Calls Tax Hike ‘The Largest Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds In History’

Trump explained that the Biden tax hike would be “the largest self-inflicted economic wounds in history,” which will result in “more Americans out of work, more families shattered, more factories abandoned, more industries wrecked, and more Main Streets boarded up and closed down.”

“This tax hike is a classic globalist betrayal by Joe Biden and his friends: the lobbyists will win, the special interests will win, China will win, the Washington politicians and government bureaucrats will win — but hardworking American families will lose,” Trump wound down.

Biden is currently schedule to introduce his infrastructure initiative late Thursday afternoon.  

Part of the plan is expected to be financed by repealing the Trump tax cuts. 

You can find the details about the multi-trillion dollar plan here.


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