A new documentary narrated by Peter Schweizer, the award-winning author of “Clinton Cash,” claims Hunter Biden’s numerous business deals in China “served” the communist country and their military.

The reporting involves work with the Beijing-based BHR Partners private equity firm, where the son of the Democrat nominee for President was a board member.

The documentary is called “Riding the Dragon: Uncovering the Bidens’ Chinese Secrets.”

“This isn’t just another story about a politician’s kid getting rich,” Schweizer says. “Hunter’s new firm started making investment deals that would serve the strategic interests of the Chinese military.”

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Daddy’s Boy

The film alleges that Joe Biden’s son was only able to secure meetings with Chinese officials and ultimately score funding to the tune of $1 billion because his father was, at the time, Vice President, and President Barack Obama’s “point person on US policy towards China.”

Schweizer claims that he has information suggesting the Bidens cooperated with Chinese partners to bypass certain laws. By extension, this allowed them to acquire companies that helped the Chinese military excel in technology.

Schweizer also suggests that these business dealings could be the reason that Democratic nominee Joe Biden has not been overly critical of the communist government in China.

“The question is why?” asks Schweizer. “To me … he became much more soft on Beijing when his son started getting very lucrative, exclusive deals courtesy of the Chinese government.”

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Soft on China

While Biden was vice president, Hunter joined him on Air Force Two for a trip to China in 2013, according to an ABC News investigation.

While in Beijing he arranged for his Chinese business partner to meet his father.

Ten days after the trip, Hunter’s firm received approval from the Chinese government-owned Bank of China that paved the way for more than a billion dollars in business for his firm.

Biden’s many decades as a politician have been filled with instances of him defending China. Was it to appease them to attain favorable deals for his son?

Biden spent years bowing to Beijing. He led the effort to give China “most favored nation” trade status, killing millions of American jobs.

More recently, he has repeatedly failed to hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic and, in fact, has parroted Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

Donald Trump Jr., in a recent interview, quipped, “[Biden] has shipped more jobs to China than probably any human being alive.”

Nobody has benefitted from his appeasement than Hunter.