Desperation: Now ‘The View’ Hosts Are Attacking Kyrsten Sinema’s Outfits

When The 'Party Of Women' Doesn't Get Their Way, they Attack Women

It’s not a pretty thing when the left doesn’t get their way. Anyone who has had children under the age of five has a pretty good idea what it’s like.

The antics of liberals have been on full display for the past few weeks as they try to get their massive trillion dollar spending packages through the Senate. 

What is standing in their way? Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). Both have been pressured and harassed into changing their positions on the bill, which both say is way more government spending than they are comfortable with.

But in the case of Kyrsten Sinema, the party of women gives her the extra special treatment. The left has now decided to make fun of Sen. Sinema’s wardrobe. 

Because nothing says “work with us” like making fun of the way someone is dressed. 

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And Into The Gutter They Go

Leading the way in the liberal lemming parade is of one of those genteel ladies of “The View.” 

Guest co-host Ana Navarro doesn’t just have a problem with Sinema’s outfits. She also sees the sinister specter of racism.

Making sure to work herself into a frenzy, Navarro proclaimed, “I really don’t care who gets triggered by me bringing race into this. The truth is, no woman of color could possibly dress like this, and act like this, and be taken seriously, much less elected. I suspect every Black woman and Latina reading this knows what I’m talking about.”

Navarro is a long-time politico and commentator. So surely she knows how wrong her statement is. 

There’s not one, but two women of color who are both elected and frequently dress like blind rodeo clowns.

Florida Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson is notorious for it. She famously owns “hundreds” of hats, which she wears daily.

As far as being taken seriously – the jury is out. As for her behavior, here’s how she modestly describes her outfits

“I don’t know how to really put it, but it’s like almost a perception that maybe all Black people are poor or can’t afford to dress up or look like they just walked out of a bandbox or out of Saks Fifth Avenue or out of Neiman Marcus.”

“And so when I dress up, people look! I walk through the airport, people turn around and look. They say, ‘Who’s that lady?’ They think I’m a movie star or somebody different, not just an ordinary Black lady. They just see me as someone who has broken the stereotype.”

But Frederica Wilson isn’t the only elected woman of color with a flair for the extravagant outfit. 

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee likes her outfits, and though she is completely unserious, I suspect Navarro thinks she should be taken seriously. 

When she’s not breaking the flag code on her way to some sort of welding project, she’s known for famously incoherent, bizarre, puzzling statements.

Who are we supposed to take seriously, again?

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Remember, Democrats Are The Party Of Women

Love her or hate her, agree or disagree with her, Kyrsten Sinema has definitely shaken up a stodgy Senate full of, let’s call them, traditional people with her unique sense of style. At 45 years of age, she should hardly be expected to dress like 81-year old Nancy Pelosi.

But… It All Depends On Which Side Of The Trillion Dollar Spending Bill You’re On

It is common knowledge that for the left, the ends justifies the means. If that means following Kyrsten Sinema into the restroom, and up to and right at the stall door, then so be it. We want our freebies and we want ’em now. 

It should also be common knowledge that if Kyrsten Sinema were first in line to vote for the trillion dollar spending bill, not only would she be allowed to go into the restroom by herself, but her wardrobe would be “edgy” and “cool” – just like Frederica Wilson’s hats.

The most interesting thing about Denim VestGate, is that a woman is being judged by other women over her appearance, and that fact seems to be lost on them. Isn’t being judged on your appearance something women have been fighting against for eons? 

Will Kyrsten Sinema eventually cave to the demands of the left and vote for the Democrat spend-a-thon? Let’s hope not. Here’s hoping that Sen. Sinema will not give in and do what she feels is right, and when she casts her vote, hope that she is wearing those thigh high boots again.


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