DeSantis Slams Biden’s ‘Blank Check’ Policy For Ukraine After President’s Surprise Visit to Kyiv

Governor Ron DeSantis heavily criticized the Biden administration's "blank-check policy" following the President's surprise visit to Ukraine.
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heavily criticized the Biden administration’s “blank-check policy” for Ukraine following the President’s surprise visit to Kyiv.

Biden visited the war-torn country on Monday, his first such trip since Russia’s large-scale invasion last February. DeSantis called out the President for not having any clearly defined goals or endgame when it comes to supporting Ukraine.

“They have effectively a blank-check policy with no clear, strategic objective identified, and these things can escalate, and I don’t think it’s in our interests to be getting into a proxy war with China, getting involved over things like the borderlands or over Crimea,” he said.

“So I think it would behoove them to identify what is the strategic objective that they’re trying to achieve, but just saying it’s an open-ended blank check, that is not acceptable,” added DeSantis.

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DeSantis Slams Biden For Caring About Ukraine’s Border, Not America’s

DeSantis’ claims about a proxy war were heightened when US ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield declared on CNN that China would be crossing a “red line” if they provided lethal military aid to Russia.

Which is exactly what the Biden administration is providing to Ukraine.

We “have to be clear that if there are any thoughts and efforts by the Chinese and others to provide lethal support to the Russians in their brutal attack against Ukraine, that that is unacceptable,” Thomas-Greenfield declared. “That would be a red line.”

DeSantis stated Russia isn’t quite the geopolitical problem China represents.

“The fear of Russia going into NATO countries and all of that and steamrolling… that is not even come close to happening,” DeSantis said. “I think they’ve shown themselves to be a third-rate military power. I think they’ve suffered tremendous, tremendous losses.”

“I don’t think that they are the same threat to our country, even though they’re hostile,” he added. “I don’t think they’re on the same level as a China.”

DeSantis slammed Biden for focusing on Ukraine rather than the many issues his administration is overseeing stateside.

“So I think while he’s over there, I think I and many Americans are thinking to ourselves, okay, ‘He’s very concerned about those borders halfway around the world. He’s not done anything to secure our own border here at home,'” the potential GOP candidate for President explained.

“We’ve had millions and millions of people pour in, tens of thousands of Americans dead because of fentanyl, and then, of course, we just suffered a national humiliation of having China fly a spy balloon clear across the continental United States,” added DeSantis.

“So we have a lot of problems accumulating here in our own country that he is neglecting.”

DeSantis’ criticism comes as Biden announced yet another roughly $500 million in aid for Ukraine’s war effort.

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Biden Supports Ukraine Over Southern States, Ohio

Think about that for a minute.

On President’s Day in America, in the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis at the southern border, and as a massive toxic chemical disaster has been affecting East Palestine, Ohio, Joe Biden decided to instead visit Ukraine to offer them his support.

It’s flat-out gross.

DeSantis’ comments ally him somewhat with former President Donald Trump – who has repeatedly called on negotiations for peace between Ukraine and Russia – and are in contrast with Senator Mitch McConnell, who believes the war in Ukraine is the most important thing in the world today.

“I’m going to try to help explain to the American people that defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now,” he told Fox News host Dana Perino last week.

Biden is likely nodding his head in approval.

Do you agree with DeSantis that this “blank-check policy” for Ukraine has to end, or it the most important thing in the world as Mitch McConnell claims?

Recent polls seem to suggest Americans’ support for sending aid to Ukraine is waning.

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