DeSantis Demands Biden Step Up To Help Cuban People

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) spoke out on Thursday to demand that President Joe Biden step up to help the people of Cuba who are protesting against the oppressive communist regime there.

DeSantis Sounds Off 

“We are seeing on the island of Cuba people fighting against the communist dictatorship. That is a noble cause. A free Cuba is a noble cause,” DeSantis said during a press conference in Miami alongside Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez, U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL), and FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

“It’s a cause that many of these people have dedicated their lives to, and so we obviously have to stand with the people of Cuba against the communist dictatorship,” DeSantis continued. 

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“And one of the most effective things we can do as a country, and we need President Biden to step up to make this happen, and I spoke with FCC Commissioner Carr on the phone, we can be able to be helpful to getting internet back on the island of Cuba,” he added. “The one thing that communist regimes fear the most is the truth.”

“And if we’re able to help Cubans communicate with one another, also communicate to the outside world, that truth is going to matter. That truth, I think, will be decisive,” the Florida governor continued. “And so Mr. President now is the time to stand up and be counted.”

DeSantis Doubles Down

Not stopping there, DeSantis proceeded to double down as he continued to call on Biden to take action.

‘I’ve never seen a community more unified than what we’ve seen here over the last nearly a week. So this is a time for choosing,” he said.

“This is time to stand with the people who are seeking freedom from a brutal 62-year reign of communist oppression, and we’re happy to do whatever we can on the state level to be able to assist the effort,” he continued. “This is not something that is as easy as saying ok, next minute it will be on, but we absolutely can do it if we get quick movement out of the White House.”

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“And so Mr. President, please heed the calls,” DeSantis concluded. “Stand with the people of Cuba in their hour of need. This is one of, I think, the key things that can be done at this moment in time.”

This came one day after DeSantis sent a letter to Biden calling on him to take action when it comes to Cuba.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 16, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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