Democrats Moving to Make Reparations a Reality, and Not Just In San Francisco

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It’s just not a news cycle without someone in DC proposing legislation meant to either hurt those it’s advertised to help or specifically to punish political enemies. Of course, this sort of activity happens on both sides of the political aisle; it’s just that the mainstream media prefers to either ignore it when it comes from the left, or worse, elevate it.

This time such legislation comes from none other than perhaps the only bad thing to come out of Texas, Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

She’s been on a roll with not just one but two bills meant to paint Republicans, as you guessed it… racist, all while attempting to destroy the Constitution and hold back the people she claims to want to help.

Naturally, her proposed legislation would make it rain taxpayer dollars in the name of slavery and destroy the concept of free speech. But, no big deal because we’re all just racists anyhow.

Let It Go

Talk of reparations will never go away. I genuinely believe that even if reparations were ever to be agreed to, it still wouldn’t go away because just as the broken immigration system is a power card for both parties, so is the ‘but slavery!’ card for the Democrats.

Congresswoman Lee has proposed legislation to seek reparations on a national level and, of course, a national “apology” for slavery. Because there are so many living freed slaves in our nation that have been anxiously awaiting their apology from the leaders who kept them in chains.

Oh, wait for a second, that’s not true. But then again, according to Ms. Lee, people like me are trivializing the concept:

“Though some have tried to deflect the importance of these conversations by focusing on individual monetary compensation, the real issue is whether and how this nation can come to grips with the legacy of slavery that still infects current society.”

Does she mean the slavery perpetrated at our open border, where women and children are used as human cattle to line the pockets of human traffickers? Of course not, because that would mean existing in our current time and reality.

Last year, now-House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries explained why this topic would never go away:

“We’re not going to move on because after slavery, there was Jim Crow and the rise of the KKK. And the lynching epidemic. And Plessy v. Ferguson. And Black Wall Street in 1921 destroyed.”

So until racism is eradicated completely, we will never live down our national sin of slavery. But stealing money from people who never owned slaves and cutting checks to people who never were slaves is a modicum step in the right direction.

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If You’re Going To San Francisco

While the crooks push this legislation at the national level, that doesn’t stop dark blue states and cities from moving forward with reparations.

For example, the San Francisco reparations committee has proposed paying longtime black residents a whopping $5 million in reparations each.

Mind you, California and San Francisco, for that matter, was always a free state and free city, so you don’t even need to have come from slavery in your ancestry to benefit.

The committee explains:

“While neither San Francisco, nor California, formally adopted the institution of chattel slavery, the tenets of segregation, white supremacy, and systematic repression and exclusion of black people were codified through legal and extralegal actions, social codes, and judicial enforcement.”

Furthermore, the committee also recommends the city supplement low-income black residents with about $97,000 annually for at least 250 years.

First, that’s more money than I made as a DC consultant.

Second of all, 250 years! So black people who aren’t even born yet and who decide or end up low-income will get this supplement? What are we even talking about anymore?

But the best recommendation was the black residents eligible for the $5 million reparations should also receive first choice for subsidized housing. What in the world are you doing signing up for subsidized housing if you just got $5 million?

Oh, wait, I know what this is actually called, redistribution of wealth.

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Thought Crimes

Now let’s remember our dear friend Congresswoman Lee. In addition to her reparations legislation, she’s also proposed the ‘Leading Against White Supremacy Act.’ 

The legislation essentially turns any speech that vilifies non-white people into a hate crime if it could be considered a “conspiracy to commit white supremacy” or “lead to violence.”

According to the bill, if someone commits a crime based on something you said, you could be held accountable:

“read, heard, or viewed by a person who engaged in the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a white supremacy inspired hate crime.”

Well, depending on who you talk to, that could be as little as choosing not to wear a mask. Literally. Left-wing kooks are actually saying that.

But, unfortunately, it won’t be long until just thinking something that goes against what the left elite believe in could land you in jail. 

Of course, this is the same woman who once asked NASA if the Mars Rover had found the American flag planted on the surface of the red planet.

Spoiler alert, we haven’t landed astronauts on Mars – although, at this rate, we will probably see reparations and thought crimes legalized before we set foot on Mars.

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Moving Backward

Don’t get it twisted; everyone knows that racism still exists. It’s reprehensible, but it’s always going to exist. Tribal behavior is coded into our DNA. 

But taking money from those who were never slave owners, which is precisely what would happen through taxes, and giving the money to people who were never slaves, is not how we solve the many issues plaguing black America. That’s just what we call “robbery.” Likewise, giving out free money isn’t how we elevate those struggling, regardless of skin color.

What would help California and other parts of our country would be lowering the cost of living. Focusing on providing quality education to all parts of our country, education that raises the bar and focuses on tangible skills such as math, science, reading, and trade skills will help elevate everyone.

There is no way to go back in time and erase what happened. To hang our hats on our history as the sole reason black America struggles is to say they can never achieve anything more than victimhood – and I refuse to believe that.

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