If there’s one thing that infuriates the Democrat Party, it’s enforcing laws.

And by enforcing immigration laws that include separating children accompanied by illegal adults who have placed them in danger, the left has come completely unglued. (RELATED: Illegals Using Other People’s Children When Claiming Asylum).

We’re talking inauguration-level screeching and protests, lies and half-truths, and analogies to 1930s Germany.

The hatred for President Trump, and by extension, America, is yet further evidence that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. A disorder on full display Tuesday as Democrats peppered the President with heckling and profanities on his way to a meeting with House Republicans to try and actually fix the crisis.

First, a congressional aide or intern shouted “Mr. President, f*** you,” across the Capitol rotunda just before Trump and his entourage passed through.

Ah, such professionalism from a congressional aide.

Now let’s hear from all those Democrats who once thought that yelling ‘You lie!’ to a sitting President was grounds for execution by firing squad.

Next up, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) waited for Trump to emerge from the meeting with Republicans so they could heckle him.

The CHC members did what liberals always do when they disagree with policies – they held up signs and screamed.

That was Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) who was predominantly heard in the rant above.

“Stop separating our families,” shouted Vargas. “We won’t go away!”

Our families? Did you enter the country illegally as well, Mr. Vargas? If not, these aren’t ‘your families.’

“Mr. President, don’t you have kids? Don’t you have kids, Mr. President?” he continued.

Yea, here’s the difference – President Trump didn’t break any laws. If he had, like say, robbed a bank, his children wouldn’t be accompanying him to jail.

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) defended the antics of her party, saying, “This is a very unique set of circumstances, and it requires a unique set of extraordinary efforts.”

Those ‘extraordinary efforts’ had little to no effect on President Trump as he simply ignored the rabid anti-American group and continued walking on his way.

By the way, Democrats rejected a GOP legislative proposal to fix the family separation crisis on Tuesday, instead opting for ‘extraordinary efforts’ by yelling and screaming about the problem.

This is why nothing gets done in Congress. Democrats are petulant children who can’t seem to resolve issues like grown men and women usually do in the real world.

Source: Fox News