Democrats Begin Calling on Joe Biden to Withdraw from 2020 Race

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Following President Biden’s embarrassing and humiliating performance at the Presidential debate, some Democrats are now openly calling for him to withdraw from the 2020 race.

Or step aside. Or just go away, somewhere else, anywhere but near a camera.

What we’re seeing is major history folks. Stuff not seen since 1968.

Democrats Join Calls for Biden to Step Down

Immediately following Biden’s horrendous debate performance, something incredible happened.

The panel on CNN – CNN! – of all outlets opened up with a chorus of calls for Biden to be replaced. Heck, even Van Jones was for it before he “got a call” and began defending Biden.

I hear – though I can’t say I saw it myself, since I am not a masochist – that it was much the same story on MSNBC.

Then came even the New York Times editorial board.

All of these are shocking in and of themselves. But the calls haven’t ended there. Now even Democrats are joining the chorus.

Former longtime Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan even wrote an op-ed for Newsweek calling on Biden to step aside in favor of Kamala Harris.

Look, no one accused Tim Ryan of being smart, just brave. To Ryan’s eye, now is the time to “pass the torch” to a new generation – something he says Biden is uniquely situated to do.

And he’s right, frankly. Biden isn’t newly old. He was old when he was VP. He was old in 2020. Ryan’s view that he serve one term to “stabilize the country” (HA!) and then hand off the baton isn’t a bad notion on it’s own. Of course, it’s a ploy and a shoddy excuse, but you know it can’t be easy for Democrats to break rank.

Nevertheless, Ryan says it’s time to rip the band aid off!

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Sitting Congressman Lloyd Doggett Joins Calls

Congressman Lloyd Doggett, who represents the far-left bastion of Austin in Texas, agrees with Ryan that Biden should withdraw.

Remember when I mentioned 1968? Congressman Doggett was thinking the same thing: “I represent the heart of a congressional district once represented by Lyndon Johnson. Under very different circumstances, he made the painful decision to withdraw. President Biden should do the same.”

Unlike Ryan, Doggett gave more grounded reasons for Biden to drop out:

  • Biden is polling behind down-ticket Democrats in swing states
  • Biden’s failure at the debate
  • Biden pledged to be transitional.

Read the full statement:

Will the anti-Biden forces ride this momentum to victory, and who will they choose as his replacement?

Whatever happens folks, you are looking at a year that will be a little thicker in the history books than others.

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