A Politico report indicates that Democrats are just a bit worried heading into the midterms, with one strategist who advises major donors stating it’s “too late, we’re f***ed.”

The comment came despite victories for the party and their President on an infrastructure and social spending package which had just passed the House at the time.

The report notes that “the Democratic brand is broken” and even a bipartisan legislative victory like the infrastructure bill was doing little to help souring poll numbers.

“In one recent focus group, even those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 weren’t exactly sure what the party stands for,” they write.

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Disaster Looming For Democrats In The Midterms

One center-left pollster, in particular, ran focus groups in Virginia following the Election Day massacre in that state.

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, Jason Miyares, who will become the first Latino to hold the office of Attorney General, and Winsome Sears, who will become the first black woman to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor, swept statewide offices in Virginia.

“Voters couldn’t name anything that Democrats had done, except a few who said we passed the infrastructure bill,” a report by the group stated.

As for that infrastructure ‘accomplishment’?

“Too late. We’re f***ed,” the Democrat strategist predicted.

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Adults In The Room Versus The Woke Progressive Children

Polling numbers in November seem to indicate trouble on the horizon for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

As Politico points out, Biden’s approval rating, which they state is “a measure closely tied to a party’s performance in the midterms,” had fallen at the time to a point “that’s far worse than Barack Obama’s was at (the same) point in his presidency.”

Obama’s numbers morphed into historic losses up and down ballots across the country for the Democrat party in 2010. Will it be even worse in 2022?

“It isn’t just Biden’s cratering public approval ratings, inflation, or the precedent that the party in power typically loses seats in a president’s first midterm,” Politico writes.

It’s the messaging.

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Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville slammed his party for allowing woke progressive extremists to hijack messaging by focusing on “defund the police” rhetoric and “stupid wokeness” in the last election.

Indeed, Democrats are seeing troubling signs in polls regarding generic ballots as well.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released in mid-November indicates the GOP has the largest lead in the generic congressional ballot they have had since 1981.

“As things stand, if the midterm elections were today, 51 percent of registered voters say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41 percent the Democrat,” reads a press release from the research firm that conducted the poll.

Numerous Democrats have also chosen to retire rather than face gloomy election prospects in 2022.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking of Republican retirements heading into the 2020 election, said it was a sign of bad things to come and an indication that “Republicans know that they’ll probably be serving in the minority in the next Congress.”

She was correct, though the GOP overperformed expectations in 2020 despite President Trump’s defeat.


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