House Democrats have decided to abandon one hilarious slogan and replace it with another.

Less than one year ago, the resistance party introduced a new slogan which was a mouthful seemingly lifted from a Papa John’s commercial, “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” (RELATED: Democrats Rally to Introduce New Slogan Goes Horribly, Laughably Wrong).

Perhaps it was the lack of enthusiasm – their slogan introduction was sparsely attended. (RELATED: Democrats Rally to Introduce New Slogan Goes Horribly, Laughably Wrong). Or maybe it’s the fact that the Democrat Party doesn’t need a better deal, they need better people running for office. A new poll shows that 75 percent of voters in their party would like to see a fresh face running in upcoming elections.

Whatever the reasoning, they’ve decided to shift to a new, super-duper slogan sure to bring the ‘blue wave’ across the finish line in 2018 – “For the people.”

They literally just introduced it and it already sounds like they’re not convinced it’s really all that great.

“I don’t think any of us are claiming this is poetic or this is the end-all-be-all of messaging,” Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), co-chair of House Democrats’ messaging arm, said. “It’s just a way, in a quick way, to put together the answer to what we stand for.”

Essentially they realized “a better deal” sucked and found this thing on the scrap pile and decided to give it a whirl. Nothing inspires enthusiasm like the messaging co-chair saying our slogan is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Politico is also reporting that Democrats are privately saying “it’s unlikely either party’s message will sway the outcome of the election.”

Now, why is “for the people” coming from the Democrat Party hilarious? Because there is no platform or policy in which they seek to help ‘the people.’

For instance, how do they plan on selling their stated intention to repeal GOP tax cuts as ‘for the people?’ (RELATED: Pelosi Promises: If Democrats Take Back the House, We’ll Repeal Your Tax Cuts).

“It may have to be a ‘replace and repeal,'” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi previously joked. “Replace them (Republicans) and repeal the bill (tax cuts).”

I’m not quite sure any average American who sees their “crumbs” taken away is going to think it was done ‘for the people.’ (RELATED: Pelosi Heckled After Bashing Tax Cuts – ‘How Much Are You Worth?’).

What else have Democrats gone against the will of the American people on?

  • 69 percent of Americans oppose any plan to ‘Abolish ICE’ which would have been a better slogan for the open-border Democrats.
  • A majority of registered voters say they would vote against any candidate running to “impeach 45.”
  • Americans don’t take kindly to watching unhinged leaders in the Democrat Party urge harassment of Republicans in public.
  • And while Democrats want open borders and lawlessness in their cities and towns, ‘the people’ support an immigration deal that ends chain migration, eliminates the random visa lottery and secures the southern border with a wall.

“For the people” couldn’t be any further from the reality of the Democrat Party if they tried.

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