Democrat Governor of NC Mocked for Declaring ‘State of Emergency’ Over Pro-Parent School Choice Bill

Roy Cooper, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, declared a "state of emergency" as a last-ditch effort to drum up support and prevent a school choice bill from passing the state legislature.
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Roy Cooper, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, declared a “state of emergency” as a last-ditch effort to prevent a school choice bill from passing the state legislature.

The ‘state of emergency’ has no legal authority and appears to have simply been used as a rhetorical device.

The Republican-led legislature is expected to override Cooper’s veto of a school choice bill, a move made possible due to their veto-proof majority.

The governor began by suggesting public education is “no less important” than other emergencies such as natural disasters before targeting the state’s GOP for passing the bill.

“It’s time to declare a State of Emergency for public education in North Carolina. There’s no Executive Order like with a hurricane or the pandemic, but it’s no less important,” he said.

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Cooper Issues Faux ‘State of Emergency’ in North Carolina Over School Choice Bill

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper suggested his “state of emergency” was an attempt to highlight how Republicans in his state are allegedly trying to destroy public education, which is presumed to be a bad thing.

“It’s clear that the Republican legislature is aiming to choke the life out of public education,” he said.

From your lips to God’s ears, Roy. There is no more vile or corrupt institution in America today than the public education system.

“I’m declaring this state of emergency because you need to know what’s happening,” he continued. “If you care about public schools in North Carolina, it’s time to take immediate action and tell them to stop the damage that will set back our schools for a generation.”

Cooper actually did set back education for a generation, if not longer, by being one of the biggest proponents of exercising government power during the pandemic, imposing too many mandates and keeping its public schools closed for far too long.

While opposing school choice, Governor Cooper also has the luxury of having sent his own children to a private school, eschewing the public education he fiercely defends today.

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Cooper Ridiculed For ‘State of Emergency’ Call

Democrat Governor Roy Cooper was widely ridiculed for issuing the fake “state of emergency” over a school choice bill, with observers pointing out the hypocrisy considering his track record of closing public schools during the pandemic.

“If I *were* the Governor of NC, I would’ve been declaring a state of emergency when the state was in the bottom third of states reopening schools and depriving children of the education they needed,” tweeted corporate strategist Rory Cooper.

“Not once parents got involved and demanded something better for their kids.”

School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis added that Cooper was a “hypocrite,” having sent his own children to private school.

“We’re freeing families from the clutches of the teachers’ unions once and for all & there’s nothing he can do about it,” he wrote.

And there really is nothing he can do about it. Hence the “state of emergency” with no teeth or substance to it.

“A ‘state of emergency’ over a bill passed by the legislature. Very serious,” Americans for Prosperity vice president Casey Mattox scoffed.

Cooper voiced his opposition to a ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ in the Senate earlier this year. The bill prohibits the inclusion of instruction on gender identity, sexual activity, or sexuality in curriculums for kindergarten through fourth grade.

“Parents are critical to the success of our schools and their participation should be welcomed and encouraged, but the last thing we need is to force the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ culture wars on our children and our state,” he said, referencing a Florida law which makes no referencing to saying ‘gay.’

It says a lot about Cooper and Democrats who continually say ‘We want parents involved … but … we’ll be the ones to decide what’s best for them.’

It feels like we’re saying this more and more about your run-of-the-mill Democrat politicians these days, but Cooper’s “state of emergency” is something you’d expect to hear from a member of the Squad.

It’s nonsensical, childish, and ultimately means nothing.

Your mainstream Democrat Party in a nutshell.

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