Trump Derangement Syndrome is a difficult thing to watch sometimes.

Amy McGrath, a Democratic congressional candidate in Kentucky, tried desperately to explain the feeling of exasperation she experienced after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The only thing she could liken it to was a mass terrorist attack at four locations in the United States that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.


“And then, of course, the results of the election, we have a new commander-in-chief,” McGrath said at a ‘Meet the Candidates’ forum. “And that morning I woke up like somebody had sucker punched me. I mean, I felt like, ‘what has just happened to my country?’”

“The only feeling I can describe that’s any close to it was the feeling I had after 9/11,” she continued. “‘What just happened, where are we going from here,’ and it was that just sinking feeling of sadness, and I didn’t know what to do.”

The really sad part is that you just know she genuinely feels this way about an election.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to think that the bodies of thousands of Americans is anything remotely equivalent to your candidate losing an election.

McGrath has been lauded as “a Democratic candidate who has drawn national attention to the race” in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District by the local Lexington Herald-Leader.

We’re pretty confident that this is the kind of attention her party could do without.

National Republican Congressional Committee press secretary Maddie Anderson responded to McGrath’s comments, calling them “deeply insensitive” and “disappointing.”

Let’s not forget ‘unhinged.’

“Her rhetoric is deeply insensitive, divisive, and disappointing,” Anderson said in a statement. “She should apologize immediately for saying that our President’s election caused her to experience the same emotions as the families of 9/11 victims.”

Comparing things they don’t agree with to 9/11 is hardly new for the far-left.

Last July, the socialist curmudgeon, Bernie Sanders, kicked the hyperbole into overdrive declaring an Obamacare replacement bill would be worse than the terrorist attacks of 9/11. (RELATED: Senator Bernie Sanders Says GOP Health Care Bill is Worse Than 9/11).

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro compared the election results to 9/11. (RELATED: After Robert De Niro Compared Election to 9/11, He Got What He Deserved). As did so many other snowflakes in coping with Hillary Clinton’s loss. Harry Reid compared Russian hacking to 9/11.

To paraphrase the Geico commercials: If you’re liberal, you compare Republicans to terrorists. It’s what you do.