Democrats Rushed to Pin Monterey Park Shooting on White People and ‘Bigotry,’ But Suspect Was Asian Man

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You can always count on the liberal machine to jump on the adage, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

They certainly exercised this strategy this weekend. After the news hit of a mass shooting in California, liberals fell all over themselves to express faux sympathy and outrage over the apparent ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacy’ that fueled this heinous crime.

Unfortunately for the left, the facts behind the crime did not fit their virtue signaling. Curiously it doesn’t appear that any of the tweets blasted out regarding the link between the shooter and racism seem to be flagged as misinformation.

Probably because that argument would imply that their allegations were merely mistakes, which they weren’t.

Let’s look at some of the best hits or, should I say, misses by some left-wing blue checkmarks.

Not So Subtle

Before any facts were released on who the shooter was, let alone what the motive was for the crime, Democrats were real quick to pin the blame on ‘hate’ and ‘bigotry’ in a not-so-subtle attempt to point the finger at all those terrible white dudes running around filled with white rage and white supremacy.

The Democrats’ new House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries proclaimed:

“We must crush the rise of hatred and intolerance whenever and wherever it is found.”

Congressman Adam Schiff signaled solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community:

“A horrific example of needless gun violence. With bigotry toward AAPI individuals as a possible motive.”

Oh, really, Adam? And what evidence did you have that hatred towards Asian Americans was a possible motive? 

The answer is nothing; there was no evidence to point to this being a hate crime.

But the evidence isn’t all that important, certainly not for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, who said:

“These mass shootings can’t continue, and Arizona stands united with the AAPI community against hate.”

So who is this face of Asian hate, this man filled with bigotry and probably white supremacy?

An Old Asian Guy

The suspected gunman turned out to be a 72-year-old Asian man. Talk about a plot twist. 

But as Senator Chuck Schumer said:

“We must stand up to bigotry and hate wherever they rear their ugly heads…”

Asian-on-Asian crime is no joke, people, and it’s high time we put a stop to this bigotry Asian men have against their fellow Asians, probably spurred by the rampant and systemic white supremacy ingrained in their systems.

Democratic Wisconsin state representative Francesca Hong explains:

“This tragedy is beyond hate. We are broken as a nation to have mass shootings and white supremacy reign terror.”

So why did the elderly Asian man decide to murder ten fellow Asians? The motive is still unclear, although there are rumors it might have been a domestic dispute. 

However, motives don’t matter, as Monterey Park City Council member Thomas Wong illustrated when he said:

“Regardless of the motive and whether this was a hate crime, the fact of the matter is this type of violence is sparking fear in our community, in our Asian American community.”

Only because you want it to, because it’s easier to control people through fear, whether warranted or not, than focusing on facts and reality.

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It used to be that pompous self-absorbed liberals would passively act as if they give a damn about people or events by temporarily changing their Facebook profile picture; now, the new generation of sympathetic posers uses trending hashtags to show the world how much better they are than you.

For example, shortly after the news of the shooting in California broke, #EndAsianHate and #StopAsianHate began to trend on Twitter.

Amnesty International, for example, blasted out:

“We must end racism. We must end gun violence. We must end white supremacy. #StopAsianHate”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass also posted:

“As investigations determine whether these murders are motivated by Asian hate, we continue to stand united against all attempts to divide us.”

Unless those attempts are made by the left, of course, then it’s just good politics.

Editor of the New Yorker Michael Luo lamented:

“We’re still viewed as alien by many; unassimilable. Bracing myself for the motive.”

Have you sufficiently braced yourself, Michael? Perhaps you would like to drop another hot take on how the 72-year-old Asian man who murdered ten other Asians adds to your theory that Asians are discriminated against?

Oh wait, I know, I know; I bet he identified as white; after all, if you believe the narrative these days, anybody can be a white supremacist adding it to the latest list of diversity-embracing establishments in our country.

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More Excuses, Fewer Facts

Now that the news has broken that it wasn’t a white male who killed the 10 in Monterey Park, the left has deftly pivoted toward its other villain when it comes to crime, all of us gun-loving Republicans.

As the youngest Biden delegate, Victor Shi spewed:

“I don’t want to hear a single thought or prayer from Republicans about the mass shooting in Monterey Park. I just want action. I want Republicans to finally act to reform our nation’s broken gun laws & condemn anti-Asian hate in all its forms. Until then, spare me the condolences.”

Again, we should all condemn this awful Asian-on-Asian hate crime. Who knew that Asians perpetuated so much anti-Asian hate?

Regarding those broken gun laws – last I checked, California has the strictest gun laws in the country, and it hasn’t been disclosed yet that the shooter had obtained their guns illegally.

If they had, I suppose that would mean California’s ridiculous gun laws are ineffective. If he hadn’t, then I suppose…that would mean California’s absurd gun laws are ineffective.

So spare me your faux contempt and sorrow, Vic.

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Oh Wait, He’s A Man

Again, don’t despair that the shooter turned out not to be a white man; the fact that he was a man at all is enough to hang the blame on something utterly unrelated to the crime.

Professional activist David Hogg enlightened us:

“There’s a reason the vast majority of these shooters are male. There is no talking about gun violence without talking about patriarchy.”

Ah, yes, because there have been so many studies that show having a strong father in the household overwhelmingly leads to mass shootings. But, oh, wait, that’s not right at all; in fact, it’s bananas.

Now, you might be thinking, I’ve been having a good time with this article; how much fun it must be for this conservative ‘Karen’ to do what she claims the left did and take advantage of a tragedy to make a point. You’d be wrong.

I don’t find it amusing that we have a preponderance of disgusting politicians and media who care so little about crime and death that they would instead trivialize a tragedy to score quick, cheap divisive political points.

When will we learn that these people don’t care about what happens to any of us; they only care about the power they can accumulate?

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