Cory Booker Refuses to Say if He’d Jail Americans Who Don’t Give Up Their Guns

Presidential candidate Cory Booker refused to answer repeated inquiries into whether or not he’d consider jailing American citizens who refuse to give up guns that they lawfully purchased.

Booker appeared with CNN’s Poppy Harlow to discuss his recently announced intent to implement executive action on gun control should he capture the White House.

Booker vowed action “closing dangerous loopholes in gun sales, cracking down on unscrupulous dealers and gun manufacturers, and investing in communities impacted by gun violence.”

The New Jersey Democrat’s plan went even further than those of his colleagues, however, requiring mandatory federal licensing for all gun owners.

Would He Jail Law-Abiding Americans?

Harlow asked Booker for his thoughts on buy-back programs and whether or not he supported prosecuting those who do not turn in certain weapons to the government.

He couldn’t answer the questions …

Harlow noted that Rep. Eric Swalwell, a fellow Democrat candidate in 2020, has pushed for gun owners who “don’t [turn in weapons to the government] within a certain period of time, they would be prosecuted, thrown in jail.”

When Booker refused to answer whether or not he supports this plan, the CNN host asked him again “yes or no?”

“We should have a law that bans these weapons and we should have a reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons,” he responded, seemingly unaware of how a yes or no question works. “Right now we have a nation that allows in streets and communities like mine these weapons that should not exist.”

So Long Constitution

Is it any surprise that Booker would try to impose a radical far-left plan that would force gun owners to go through a burdensome government approval process in order to possess a firearm? A plan that would ban certain firearms, essentially scrapping the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

This is, after all, a man who once said there are “things that are savagely wrong in this country.”

The only thing ‘savagely wrong’ here is the notion that Booker’s gun confiscation efforts are a dangerous example of government overreach and power.

“It should be spectacularly obvious that a registry of firearms and their owners is, in effect, a giant map that can be used by its keeper to locate who is armed and how, and, thus, to make their disarmament possible,” the National Review writes.

That sounds more like the wants and needs of a third-world dictator than a future president of the United States.

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