Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker spoke for 75% of his 30-minute questioning period with future Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He also interrupted Judge Kavanaugh 23 times in 30 minutes.

Today his showboating continued, as he attempts to further solidify his image as a soldier in the “resistance” ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.

Just hours ago, Booker knowingly violated Senate rules in releasing confidential committee documents to the New York Times, which he pretended was for the good of the American people. As you may remember, Democrats are requesting an unprecedented amount of documents on Kavanaugh to stall the hearings. When Republicans provide the requested documents, they’re criticized for not having provided them sooner (even though most documents probably will never be read).

The document requests serve two main purposes; the aforementioned stalling of the Kavanaugh hearings, and to give the impression that Republicans are trying to “cover up” or “hide” what’s in those documents.

Booker was apparently trying to blow the lid off what Republicans were supposedly hiding in forwarding those confidential documents to the Times. “I’m saying I’m knowingly violating the rules,” Booker said. “I’m saying right now that I’m releasing committee confidential documents.”

“I violated it because I sincerely believe the public deserves to know this nominee’s record,” he said later in the hearing.

So what juicy information was contained in those documents?

Nothing that does anything but put Cory Booker’s reading comprehension into question. Rather than show that Republicans were trying to conceal damning information within those documents, they showed that Kavanaugh rejected the use of race or national origin in airport screening and law enforcement generally in the immediate aftermath of 9/11… which is a more liberal position.

Booker wasn’t the only Senator to not even bother to read the documents they want the rest of the American people to believe are damning to Judge Kavanaugh. Or maybe they just assumed that if they didn’t bother to even read the documents, nobody else would either.

Well, we know now what’s in those documents…. nothing.

When the media resorted to trying to smear Kavanaugh based on things like his interest in basketball, or that he’s spent money on major league baseball tickets, I never thought they’d find something even more innocuous to try to discredit him with.

Now we know Kavanaugh is also against racial profiling. Why Booker thinks that changes anything remains a mystery.

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