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CONFIRMED! Marco Rubio Was Very Extroverted Homosexual In College! (VIDEO)


As voters in 12 states turn out to vote on Super Tuesday, major questions have been raised about Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) personal life. According to a bombshell report, GOP insiders have admitted that during his youth, Rubio was a “very extroverted homosexual.”

His gay foam parties allegedly took place at homosexual clubs such as Warsaw Ballroom and Amnesia during the 1990s, where men dressed in very little clothing used the foam to take part in homosexual acts.

The report notes how a drag queen by the name of “Kitty Meow” would emcee the event at Amnesia, while telling attendees what to do. Many guests “only wore jock straps.”

Shockingly, the report notes that Rubio may have even met his future wife at one of these parties.

Watch (below) as Rubio even admits attending foam parties on the Tonight Show (at the “36 seconds” mark):

While someone’s personal life should be private, a President’s personal life can be a risk to national security and black mail. This is a big deal:

“Special interest surrounds Rubio’s performance as a Chippendale/Village People-like dancer, his association with a high school and college friend in Miami who later rented property to an on-line porn operator specializing in Latino and black gay sex (‘CocoDorm’), the South Beach foam parties, the financial backing by Paul Singer, the vulture hedge fund tycoon who champions gay rights and endorsements by key members of the gay Log Cabin Republicans.”

Here is a provocative stage performance Rubio took part in during his youth:


And here is a picture of one of the foam parties Rubio allegedly attended… the arrow points to what is believed to be Rubio:1

Perhaps this is why – when he was still in the race – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie referred to his political enemy Rubio as the “Boy in the Bubble.” Ouch!

How can Rubio claim to be a champion of conservative principles and family values, when he acted this way for so many years?

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