Last week, a Washington Post reporter Erik Wemple, called out CNN and their contributor April Ryan, also White House antagonist, over an incident where her bodyguard physically assaulted a journalist during her speech.

The journalist in question, Charlie Kratovil, claims he was given permission to cover the event. I don’t think he would put up a tripod if he didn’t have permission. As the camera had been set up before Ryan took the stage, security walked over to Kratovil to remove the camera and that’s when everything went sideways.

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Wemple noted that the media was silent over the altercation. He tried to grab a response from CNN who also remained quiet.

Wemple: “The strategy here is to ignore the situation in the hopes that it will blow over. Such an outcome shouldn’t be furnished to CNN and Ryan, given the level of professional hypocrisy at hand.”

“Speak now or relinquish your standing as First Amendment champions.”

On Sunday, April broke her silence about her bodyguard assaulting the journalist. Ryan once again used “death threats,” as the reason why she couldn’t say something initially on the subject.

Ryan: “because of threat of lawsuits, and my attorney said I can speak but, here is the thing, this is not about suppressing the press,”

Ryan implied she did not order the bodyguard to remove Kratovil even though you could see in the video that the bodyguard spoke to Ryan before physical removal.

This is not acceptable behavior for a journalist and she should have told her bodyguard precisely that. I don’t care much for her anyways. When she talks, she just goes in circles and it’s hard to understand what she is saying anyway.

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Ryan: “Our contract stated if someone wanted to come and film or if they wanted to interview me, they had to ask for permission. There was no request for permission and permission was not granted. Now, if they would have asked for permission, it would have been granted and the reason I do this: One, it’s standard in the industry and two, because I don’t want my words twisted.”


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She has the right to record anyone but she does not want to be recorded? I guess that must be the liberal way of thinking. You know, do as I say not as I do. By the way, liberal does not have the same meaning it uses to have. Liberals want to apply the old double standard.

CNN should keep her off the air until this is resolved, it sounds like she ordered her bodyguard to take this guy out if anyone at CNN has seen the tape and have done nothing they can also be sued. Clearly, April is another of these special needs people who with the proper guidance could grow up to be a functioning adult.

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