CNN continues to underestimate Trump voters, and it backfired on them in a big way Monday night.

The network gathered a panel of conservative Christian women who voted for President Donald Trump to watch porn star Stormy Daniels’ “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night. Undoubtedly, CNN expected the women to react with disgust and denounce the president. But, much to the network’s chagrin, they did the exact opposite.

“[Daniels] was shopping her story for money, just like all the other people that have tried to make money off the Trump name,” said one woman.

“I feel sorry for her. My heart hurts for her,” said another.

“This is a porn star, why are we giving [her claims] any credibility?” reasoned participant Sherry Massey. “And the fact that she now wants to come out with a story because she’s afraid of her children? My goodness, what did you tell the kiddos about your full-time job?”

Indeed, the women collectively doubted Daniels’ claim she slept with Trump, instead believing that she has only come forward to make money off a salacious story. “I don’t believe it because I haven’t seen any hard proof,” Gina O’Briant explained.

But perhaps the best thing about this segment is the women’s unwavering support of Trump in defiance of the liberal media, desperate to tear him down. They’re no dummies, unlike what CNN wants everyone to believe:

“You can throw all that stuff up in our faces as many times as you want,” Dr. Lynette Bryant said, “but that means that we’ll work harder for Trump. Is that not so, ladies?”

“That’s correct,” replied Sylvia Guzman. “This is the media defining the narrative. The people — we, the people — are ready to define the narrative. And it’s not about tawdry sexual peccadilloes.”

Do You Believe Stormy Daniels?

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As for whether Trump did sleep with Daniels, Linda Churchwell put it best: “If he slept with her, whatever. That’s between him, the Lord, and his family.”

The liberal media are desperate to impeach Trump, and they’ll follow any white rabbit down any dead-end hole, whether it be Russian spies or washed up porn stars. But Trump voters know exactly who they voted for, and they’re not falling for the media’s cheap attempts to nullify Trump’s presidency.

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