CNN Reporter Criticizes President’s ‘Self-Congratulation’ On Coronavirus Response, Trump Slaughters Him

CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond criticized President Trump for what he called “self-congratulation” over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and quickly regretted it.

Diamond took umbrage with the President showing a video montage of the media’s reprehensible coverage during the crisis and providing a timeline of the actual steps he’s taken to protect the American people.

“Today we hit the grim milestone of more than 40,000 Americans now having died from the coronavirus,” the reporter began.

“Can you explain then why you come out here and you are reading clips and — and showing clips of praise for you and for your administration? Is this really the time for self-congratulation?” he asked.

Trump Spits Fire

Diamond must be under the impression that to make it at CNN you have to really pull out all of the stops. So he went Acosta-lite on the President.

But Trump wasn’t playing games.

“Well, I will tell you this, what I’m doing is I’m standing up for the men and women that have done such an incredible job,” Trump fired back.

“Those people have been incredible,” he continued. “I’m also sticking up for doctors and nurses and military doctors and nurses.”

Diamond interjected once again, but Trump, focused like a laserbeam, moved forward with his argument, excoriated CNN as “fake news” and told the reporter he was sorely lacking in a major area.

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Lacking Brains

This is actually a bit of a self-own on Diamond’s part. If Trump is setting the record straight and that comes off to him as self-congratulatory that means two things:

  1. Trump is right about the media.
  2. Actual facts are a positive for the President.

“Those people [administration, doctors, and nurses] have been just absolutely excoriated by some of the fake news like you. You’re CNN. You’re fake news,” Trump fumed.

“And let me just tell you, they were excoriated by people like you that don’t know any better because you don’t have the brains you were born with. You should be praising the people that have done a good job, not doing what you do,” he continued.

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Acosta Outshined

Diamond’s effort was similar to that of his apparent career muse, Jim Acosta, who previously questioned Trump’s “happy talk” during a difficult time.

“These people have done an incredible job,” Trump fought back. “This is not happy talk. Maybe it’s happy talk for you, it’s not happy talk for me.”

“We’re talking about death, we’re talking about the greatest economy in the world, one day you have to close it off,” he continued.

“Thousands of people have died. There’s nothing happy about it, Jim. This is sad talk. These are the saddest news conferences that I’ve ever had. I don’t like doing them.”

To Diamond, the President said he was aware that CNN will never let up with their perpetual and embarrassing bias.

“Look, you’re never going to treat me fairly, many of you, and I understand that,” Trump said.

And he’s never going to stop fighting back.

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