The media sure has been trying to paint a rosy picture of where our country is headed, and at the center of this fantasy sits Joe Biden, as a phoenix rising from the ashes come to deliver from what ails us.

Perhaps it’s not that obvious that mainstream media is trying to paint Biden as a hero and ‘comeback kid.’ Still, my hyperbole is pretty close to the mark.

The latest in a string of pro-Biden propaganda is from CNN journalist John Harwood, who penned an article playfully titled ‘The Same Joe Biden Suddenly Looks Different.’ As usual, because I love you so much, I read this article that drips with flattery for you so that you don’t have to.

Aviators Make Anyone Look Cool

I will never understand why people always associate aviator sunglasses with coolness and competence. I mean, it’s not as if slapping the iconic Tom Cruise shades can disguise the massive incompetence behind the individual wearing them. Or can it?

Mr. Harwood mentions the eyewear in his article, stating:

“But suddenly, images of Biden as a feeble septuagenarian atop a mismanaged White House have given way to those of an experienced leader, smiling behind aviator sunglasses, whose battle-tested team has delivered on a range of national priorities.”

Oh boy. So much in that one sentence to pick apart that I almost can’t choose which is my favorite part. 

Besides the fact that aviators on an old dude still makes you an old dude, to try to use ‘battle-tested’ positively in regards to his team is enough to make you slap your forehead.

Mr. Harwood lists gas prices, for Pete’s sake. Now he does at least mention that the President had nothing to do with the decrease in prices; he tries to claim that he didn’t cause the increase that happened in the first place!

That’s some interesting fan fiction. Other areas he lists off as wins; the drone strike of Ayman al-Zawahiri, infrastructure, semiconductors, burn pit legislation, and climate change.

My favorite was his mention of the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act. Mr. Harwood writes:

“The Inflation Reduction Act – named to lure Manchin though it will have negligible impact on inflation…”

I don’t know what’s better; the fact he thinks a bill that won’t in any way decrease inflation was passed or that allegedly it was named in a way to dupe Senator Manchin. Who knew he was so gullible?

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One For The History Books

Whether you agree with the President’s agenda or not, you have to admit he’s had some political wins, although not entirely thanks to any particular actions on his part. However, Mr. Harwood would disagree with me.

About the political make-up of Congress, Mr. Harwood writes that the:

“…legislative tightrope makes all the more remarkable what Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have achieved. To call them “wins” on the political scoreboard, as if governance were a sporting event, obscures their impact on American life.”

Someone sounds like they wouldn’t mind a crack as a Presidential biographer later on down the line. He goes on to say of Biden’s “wins” that:

“This doesn’t make Biden a modern day FDR or LBJ. He cannot claim a singular monument to rival Social Security, Medicare or even the Affordable Care Act, though he has strengthened it.”

I enjoy that Mr. Harwood attempted to temper his praise for the President by having him fall just short of FDR and LBJ. It almost makes you wonder if he was in the same poetic “Socratic dialogue” that the Washington Post described last week with the President and historians. 

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Sticking The Landing

The truth is, mainstream media has been teeing up this comeback kid nonsense for the Biden administration for a while now, with CNN leading the pack. One only has to look at headlines and dates to see the pattern:

Let me just say that Bubba Newman is the only true Comeback Kid and always will be. If you don’t know what I’m talking about after you finish reading my article, immediately find The Comeback Kid on Amazon and watch it.

All joking aside, you’d almost think there has been a concentrated and deliberate effort by mainstream media to help shape the narrative of the Biden administration leading into the midterms.

A New York Times Article by Charles Blow titled ‘Biden’s Remarkable Summer’ is an excellent example of this effort. Mr. Blow writes:

“Biden’s string of victories may not yet be enough to shift the narrative about him from spiraling to rebounding, but a fair read of recent events demands some adjustment.”

He goes on to write (and this is my favorite part):

“Biden, you did it. Boast about it.”

You sure did, Biden. Let’s list out what you’ve done so far:

And the list could go on and on.

You did all of that, Biden, you did. Mr. Harwood writes in his article:

“Joe Biden is no more or less capable a president than he was two months ago. His staff is no more or less competent.”

You’re right, Mr. Harwood. But unfortunately, the President is just as incapable as he was two months ago, and his staff is just as incompetent. 

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