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CNN’s Ana Navarro Proves She’s a Hypocrite For Slamming President Trump’s Marital Problems

CNN contributor Ana Navarro – the network’s token “Republican” – is known for flamboyant, barely literate attacks against Donald Trump. She recently criticized Eric Trump for coming to the defense of his father’s adviser Kellyanne Conway, whose husband is also a very public Trump critic.

George, the husband to his more well-known wife, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, has raised the ire of the younger Trump through constant attacks on President Trump. The most recent being an accusation, without evidence, that President Trump had engaged in witness tampering in the Mueller investigation.

This latest attack seemed to light a fire under Eric, who shot back at Mr. Conway:

That’s when Navarro saw this and lost her mind.

Navarro Attacks Trump for cheating on his wives

Navarro somehow confused professional respect, which is what Eric was referring to, with personal lives, interjecting her take on President Trump’s marriage.

“First of all, you know, there are some issues that maybe Eric Trump wants to sit out,” Navarro claimed.

“If your father is Donald Trump, who cheated on every one of his three wives, including your mom, who cheated on his current wife with a Playboy bunny and cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper, maybe, just maybe talking about husbands being disrespectful to wives is not the alley, is not the one that you should be taking on.”

The irony is, maybe this isn’t the thing Navarro should be taking on.

Navarro pals around with notorious womanizer Bill Clinton

Here she is just months ago fawning over former President Bill Clinton, a man perhaps owning the crown for worst serial sexual deviant ever to occupy the White House. A man who used the White House for his infidelity. A man who has been accused of rape and sexual assault. A man who was impeached for lying about his extramarital affairs.

Yeah… maybe Navarro really shouldn’t take this one on.

Navarro has a rich History of Being a Hypocrite

Navarro, aside from lying by portraying a Republican voice on CNN, has an extensive record of the most rank, transparent hypocrisy.

  • She slammed President Trump for ‘dehumanizing‘ MS-13 gang members by calling them ‘animals,’ even after she herself called President Trump an ‘animal.’
  • She got caught doctoring a photo to try and portray Trump’s cabinet and the Republican Party in general as being all old, white men.
  • She decried the President’s abrasive language against political opponents while referring to Trump, on multiple occasions, as a Spanish term for a female body part.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli once told Navarro that he’s “sick of hearing your shrill voice in my ears.”

The rest of America concurs.