Christian Actress Patricia Heaton Blasts Hollywood For ‘Silence’ On Anti-Semitism

Patricia Heaton
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The former “Everybody Loves Raymond” actress Patricia Heaton, who has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in the entertainment world, is calling out Hollywood for its “silence” on the rise of anti-semitism in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Heaton Sounds Off

“I feel like I have to say that I know I might be boring the pants off all you lovely followers with my incessant tweeting and retweeting of the crisis in Israel but I am so alarmed by it all,” began Heaton, 65, adding that she is “alarmed at the horror Hamas perpetrated upon innocent people; alarmed at the biased anti-Israel tone of so many media outlets, especially BBC News and Sky News, the very people whose country fought the Nazis so valiantly; alarmed at the immediate and well-organized pro-Hamas protests that sprung up all over the West.”

Heaton went on to say that she is “alarmed at govt orgs like [the United Nations] who are clearly antisemitic; alarmed at universities’ and students’ embrace of terrorism and oppressive cultures; alarmed at citizens tearing down posters of innocent hostages; alarmed at so many seemingly nice, integrated people, especially in the medical field, revealing genocidal beliefs against Jews; alarmed at law enforcement officers not lifting a hand to stop public calls for violence and death to Jews.”

Not stopping there, Heaton doubled down by saying that she is “alarmed at the silence of supposedly feminist groups who refuse to condemn #Hamas raping women; alarmed at the silence from so many in Hollywood who are normally quick to jump on any social bandwagon.”

“In 2015, ‘Je Suis Charlie’ was on everyone’s lips and social media platforms after the murder of innocents in Paris, particularly at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices. What has changed?” she concluded. “Why is there now such a reluctance to condemn this barbaric and murderous mindset? What are people afraid of? How did so many get brainwashed? Isn’t this something we all need to be deeply concerned about? Or have I just been out of work too long and have too much time on my hands? Looking forward to your serious and thoughtful comments!”

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Heaton Gets Praised

Heaton was praised for this post by Hollywood In Toto, which stated that “Heaton captures so much of what we’ve learned in recent weeks in just a few swift sentences, and it’s almost too horrifying to process. And, in a perfect world, her thoughts wouldn’t be politically charged in the least.”

“Sadly, that’s not the case given how the latest Israel-Hamas conflict has fallen along predictable partisan lines,” the publication continued. “Even dyed-in-the-wool liberal Jews are rethinking their beliefs after seeing many progressives align with Hamas against Israel.”

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Heaton Compares Hamas To Nazis

This comes one month after Heaton posted a video to social media in which she compared the atrocities of Hamas to those carried out by Nazis during World War II.

“Have you ever thought, ‘Gee, if I were a German during World War II, I hope I would be that person who would stand up for my Jewish neighbors?’ Well, guess what? We have that opportunity today,” she said. “Right now, the Jewish people are being slaughtered by terrorists.”

Heaton then called on her fans to “reach out to your Jewish friends and tell them you support them.”

“If you’re active on social media, please stand up for Israel,” she said.

As one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood for decades, Heaton has long made it clear that she is not afraid to think for herself. What do you think about her latest comments? Let us know in the comments section.

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