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Chris Rock Explains “How Not To Get Beaten By Police”

A nearly two-decades-old clip from “The Chris Rock Show” is going viral, as it comments on an increasingly heated debate nowadays: police brutality (particularly among minorities).

It’s a sad reminder of how politically-correct the world has become, because such a skit would never make its way onto television today.

The skit truly is genius, acting as a commentary on police racism, with a few jokes about the victims, after which the skit is titled “How Not to Get Your *** Kicked by the Police!”

In the sketch, Rock tells viewers that they probably won’t ‘get their *** kicked’ by police if they ‘obey the law’ and ‘use common sense’. Among the “common sense” advice includes advising┬áthem to stop immediately when they see flashing police lights in the mirror, turn off ‘loud rap music’, choose to give a ‘white friend’ a ride, and avoid traveling with ‘a mad woman.’

Watch the hilarious video below (language warning):

Every time Rock gets pulled over by police he posts a selfie on Twitter – so the fact that this is a recurring theme seems to indicate that he’s following his own advice.

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