Chris Rock Explains “How Not To Get Beaten By Police”

A nearly two-decades-old clip from “The Chris Rock Show” is going viral, as it comments on an increasingly heated debate nowadays: police brutality (particularly among minorities).

It’s a sad reminder of how politically-correct the world has become, because such a skit would never make its way onto television today.

The skit truly is genius, acting as a commentary on police racism, with a few jokes about the victims, after which the skit is titled “How Not to Get Your *** Kicked by the Police!”

In the sketch, Rock tells viewers that they probably won’t ‘get their *** kicked’ by police if they ‘obey the law’ and ‘use common sense’. Among the “common sense” advice includes advising them to stop immediately when they see flashing police lights in the mirror, turn off ‘loud rap music’, choose to give a ‘white friend’ a ride, and avoid traveling with ‘a mad woman.’

Watch the hilarious video below (language warning):

Every time Rock gets pulled over by police he posts a selfie on Twitter – so the fact that this is a recurring theme seems to indicate that he’s following his own advice.

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By Matt

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