Trump Heads to Southern Border as Democrat Senator Chris Coons Says Progress Is Being Made

President Trump is headed to the southern border on Thursday. The announcement comes as Democrat Senator Chris Coons says that Trump’s offer to construct a steel-slat barrier along the southern border is a step in the right direction.

Steel not concrete

The Delaware senator, along with many of his colleagues, has ruled out a pure concrete wall as a feasible and effective barrier along the southern border. But, Trump’s request for a steel-slat barrier is more realistic, and, thus, represents “progress” towards ending the government shutdown, according to Coons. This admission comes despite Democrat leaders refusing to grant Trump even a penny on his border wall. (RELATED: Pelosi Tells DHS Secretary Nielsen She’s Not Interested In Facts on Border Security.)

The senator appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to explain why the steel palisade is a “minor but important” step in the right direction:

The steel fence isn’t new

It’s nice that Sen. Coons thinks Trump is compromising by dropping his request for a concrete barrier, but the steel fence idea isn’t new. President Trump made such a proposal via Twitter weeks ago:

Also, Trump has said for years that he doesn’t want a pure concrete wall, but, rather, something with slits in it so that Border Patrol can monitor what’s going on on the other side.

If you look at Trump’s remarks regarding the wall, you can see a clear pattern: He’s always wanted something see-through and not a full-blown wall.

Regardless, if Sen. Coons thinks this is the right direction, all the better that both sides are getting closer to a deal.

Trump to head to southern border

After Coons announced on Fox News that Trump’s proposal was getting Democrats closer, the President announced through Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that he’s traveling to the southern border on Thursday, presumably to highlight the need for a border wall.

Let’s hope that whatever Trump is planning for this trip will finally seal the deal with Democrats and we can get the government back open and a solid barrier constructed along our southern border.

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