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Political Cartoon Nails The Left’s Hypocrisy on Charlottesville

Every political side has its crazies, and we saw no shortage of them last week in Charlottesville in the form of white nationalist protesters, and so-called “anti-fascist” counter-protesters.

I personally can’t stand the racists in the “alt-right” being described as right-wing, because there’s nothing “right-wing” about them. The man who coined the term “alt-right,” and the leader of the movement, Richard Spencer, is an avowed socialist.

I guess Spencer and Bernie Sanders have way more in common than they think.

Speaking of Bernie, remember when one of his supporters targeted and shot up a baseball practice of congressional Republicans? One cartoon captured the hypocrisy of the Democrats’ response to the shooting versus their response to Trump’s comments regarding Charlottesville. Look:

Of course, no condemnation from Trump could come soon enough for the liberal media, and it would never be “enough” for them, regardless of how strong it was.

The Democrats are hypocrites, and they are milking the Charlottesville tragedy for their own electoral benefit.

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