Former President George W. Bush handed former First Lady Michelle Obama a piece of candy during the funeral for his father.

The gesture, which sparked a lot of social media speculation over what exact candy it was, was seen as a heartfelt one. Even at the funeral for his own father, Bush was able to give a little something special to a person whom he considers a friend.

Check out the gesture:

The item is assumed to be a piece of candy. And if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that Trump noticed it as well!

The assumption that item is candy is based on Bush’s gesture at John McCain’s funeral just months ago. At a time when Michelle Obama seemed to have a frog stuck in her throat, Bush came to the rescue with a lozenge!

Now that’s what I call class. If we can’t put our political differences aside to lend each other a Halls once in a while, how can we come together as a country to solve big issues?

That’s one of the reasons the Bush family guaranteed no Trump bashing at the funeral: they wanted to guarantee the event would be one where we could all come together. (RELATED: Bush Family Guarantees No Politics or Trump Talk at H.W. Funeral.)

The gesture was extra special because not long after, George W. Bush gave the eulogy of his life honoring his late father. Just take a look at the emotion involved:

A gracious man honoring his incredible father.

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