The Bush family and former President George H.W. Bush reportedly made it very clear that there would be no political grandstanding or trashing of the current President at today’s funeral ceremony for George H.W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush honored in state funeral

Today, the nation mourns the loss of our 41st president, George Herbert Walker Bush. A state funeral will take place at the Washington National Cathedral, which will be attended by our five remaining presidents: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush.

Trump’s presence at the funeral was initially questionable. Trump reportedly loathes the Bush political dynasty and sees the twin Bush presidencies as disasters for America. Lest we forget:

A detente between the Trumps and Bushes

Regardless of Trump’s personal disagreements with the Bush’s legacy, it appears that a truce has been reached by both families. The Washington Post reports:

The family of former president George H.W. Bush has planned a state funeral that will steer clear of the kind of anti-Trump sentiment evident at the recent funeral of Sen. John McCain, according to people familiar with the funeral planning.

The Bush family contacted the White House this past summer to say that President Trump would be welcome at the funeral, scheduled Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral, and to assure him that the focus would be on Bush’s life rather than their disagreements, one former administration official said.

The comity was on display earlier this week when Trump welcomed George W. Bush and his wife Laura at the Blair House, just across the street from the White House.

President Trump and First Lady Melania also paid their respects to Bush in the Capitol Rotunda:

Trump’s role in Bush funeral far different than John McCain’s

Now compare this mutually respectful arrangement to the shoddy treatment Trump was given by the late Senator John McCain, a man Trump also feuded with in life. Multiple guests who eulogized McCain at his funeral took subtle jabs at President Trump, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Meghan McCain (RELATED: Joe Biden Makes Cryptic Criticisms About President Trump During McCain Eulogy.)

Can you imagine it? Allowing the death of a public servant to go by without using it as an opportunity to bash the President? John McCain explicitly disinvited Trump to his funeral. He was well within his rights to do so. However, holding on to grudges, even in death, isn’t good for the soul.

It would seem George H.W. Bush learned that lesson before he left this world.

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