On Tuesday, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume argued that the Biden administration is sending mixed messages about vaccines and when masks should be worn, and the lack of clarity is the cause of vaccine hesitancy among some Americans.

Hume made his remarks on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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Hume: ‘It Makes Absolutely No Sense’

Hume was asked by Carlson why the government can’t seem to articulate simple answers to questions about vaccines. 

Hume replied, “The issue now, Tucker, is that we need to get everybody vaccinated so we’ll have herd immunity, and basically the pandemic will be over. And you’ve got a certain segment of the population that are hesitant to get the shot.”

“I don’t see how it advances the cause very well when you have Joe Biden, fully vaccinated, and walking around outdoors with a mask on. I don’t see how it makes any sense for Joe Biden, as you showed earlier, on a Zoom call, wearing a mask with nobody anywhere around him.” 

Hume then lamented that it’s the government’s messaging itself that is causing some people to be hesitant about getting a vaccine.

“I mean either the vaccines work or they don’t and we are told they do and if they do work, then what’s the need for the mask?” Hume asked Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“I’m talking about outdoors of course but indoors as well,” Hume said. “It makes absolutely no sense and people looking at this are going to say the government isn’t making sense about this.”

Hume added that he is “fully vaccinated” and encouraged others to do the same, saying “it’s a mistake not to get one.”

But the Fox News contributor added, “I can certainly understand why people would be hesitant given the way the government has been all over the place on this issue.”

Hume: Biden Admin Has ‘Been All Over The Place’ On Masks

Hume followed up by saying that it has been a significant problem that both the Centers for Disease Control and the federal government have “been all over the place.”

Hume said, “I think a lot of people doubt that but now we have a situation in which you see people wearing masks who are fully vaccinated: what does that say about how useful it is to get vaccinated?” 

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Hume noted that those who urge still wearing masks after being vaccinated have a conundrum in still saying that “you may not be sick, you may be asymptomatic but you may be carrying it and of course in doing that, you may give it to someone who’s not vaccinated and that person could get sick and maybe die.”

Hume also said that that COVID-19 “disproportionately affects the elderly and those with other ailments … and we’ve done a terrible job of protecting them.”

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Dr. Kristin Englund of the Cleveland Clinic explains why people should still wear masks even if they are vaccinated: “Unfortunately, getting vaccinated does not instantly mean we can go back to how life was before. Until we have some level of herd immunity, the vaccine is now just another layer of protection against COVID-19.”

On Tuesday, the CDC updated their guidance to say that fully vaccinated people can attend small gatherings outdoors without wearing a mask. 

According to CBS, new guidelines include:

  • Walking, running, hiking or biking outdoors alone or with members of their household
  • Attending small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated family and friends
  • Attending small outdoor gatherings with a mixture of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people
  • Dining at outdoor restaurants with friends from multiple households.

Here are the most updated guidelines:

CDC mask guidelines
An infographic from the CDC released on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, showing various activities that fully vaccinated individuals can resume.

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