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WaPo Report: Judge Kavanaugh Had Credit Card Debt, Then He Paid it Off

The Washington Post is out with an *explosive* report about Judge Kavanaugh and his personal finances. Apparently, the distinguished judge had credit card debt… then paid it off. Such audacity!

The Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper is clearly working overtime trying to give Kavanaugh an extensive “Borking” but they might have to try harder than this. (RELATED: Women’s March Sends Out Press Release Slamming Trump’s SCOTUS Pick, Forgot To Add His Name!).

While plenty of Washington, D.C. insiders have acted like Rev. Al Sharpton and avoided paying millions in back taxes, Kavanaugh’s finances seem quite ordinary. In fact, if confirmed, he stands to be the poorest United States Supreme Court Justice.

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The report focuses on Kavanaugh’s finances in 2016, showing that he had debt between $60,000 and $200,000, which was paid off the next year. The debt piled up from credit cards and a loan from the Thrift Savings Plan Loan, most of which was for Washington Nationals baseball season tickets he purchased for friends and family. The rest was for housing expenses, according to Trump White House spokesman Raj Shah. By 2017, Kavanaugh and his wife paid it off:

The credit card debts and loan were either paid off or fell below the reporting requirements in 2017, according to the filings, which do not require details on the nature or source of such payments. Shah told The Post that Kavanaugh’s friends reimbursed him for their share of the baseball tickets and that the judge has since stopped purchasing the season tickets.

Hilariously, to imply something was wrong with paying off the debt, the Post reporter implied something shady happened: “Shah did not provide the names of the friends” for whom Kavanaugh bought baseball tickets for.

Kavanaugh’s net worth and assets are somewhere between $15,000 and $65,000, on top of a retirement account that is “worth nearly half a million dollars.” He and his wife purchased a nearly million dollar home, which is modest for the Washington D.C.-area, and still owes $865,000.

Many of Kavanaugh’s potential SCOTUS colleagues became wealthy with lucrative private sector jobs. But most of Kavanaugh’s jobs have been in government.

Also, The Post made sure to remind readers that the Kavanaughs are Catholic, and their two daughters go to Catholic school, which costs $10,025 per child. It’s unclear why this matters when discussing Kavanaugh’s judicial abilities and scholarship.


Maybe the Washington Post is hoping people will be upset about Judge Kavanaugh’s favorite baseball team?

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