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BREAKING: Trump Just Made A Huge VP Running Mate Announcement… WHOA!

trump vp

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump just won the GOP presidential primary, and he has to be happy today to start focusing his attention on Hillary Clinton.

But considering Trump’s well-established position as a political outsider, who is Trump going to pick as his running mate?

Breitbart.com has an answer to that question: It will definitely be someone from politics who can move legislation through Congress. Whoa…

Trump also told Breitbart News of his thinking when it comes to selecting a running mate, saying that his vice presidential pick will come from the political–not business–world. He said:

I don’t want to name anybody—what I would most likely be looking at, and I feel like I’d be going a little bit in reverse, in other words, I’d be going for a political person. Because I don’t need a business person, I need a political person. Somebody that can deal with the hill, that can deal with Congress and get things done, get things passed, et cetera, et cetera.

Trump’s interview came as he was expected to win big in Indiana but before his last remaining serious rival Cruz dropped out, thereby handing the nomination to Trump, who said he wanted to “close out” winning the nomination before beginning the process of selecting a running mate.

“I want to close out before I do that—I’ve very much thought about it,” Trump said when asked about the vice presidential candidate selection process. “I want to close out the two people I have now, they’re hanging by their fingernails. And I want to close this out, and once I close this out, that will be a very pleasant process. We have many great people who would do wonderful.”

Is this good news or bad news? I suppose it depends on your point of view, but it’s clear Trump is taking this campaign seriously. He knows that as President, the complicated process of Presidential decision-making requires the best possible advisors. Therefore, an insider who is sympathetic to Trump’s bold, conservative message is an ideal running mate.

Also, conservatives will be thrilled to hear Dr. Ben Carson will play a leading role in Trump’s VP running mate selection process. This is certainly awesome!

What do you think about Trump’s big VP running mate announcement? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.