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Boom! It Took Morgan Freeman Just 2 Sentences To Destroy a Common Misconception About Race

CNN host Don Lemon didn’t know what hit him. Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was interviewed, and Lemon asked if he thought race largely determined how wealthy a person can become over the course of his life.

Without hesitation, Freeman gave this great response! Liberals are obsessed with race. You don’t have to look too far – like the phony “all-white” Oscars controversy, Obama’s obsession with Trayvon Martin, Congressmen lying about the Ferguson chaos right on the House Floor, Samuel L. Jackson “wishing” the Muslim terrorists who slaughtered innocents in San Bernardino, California were white, or liberal newspapers running racist cartoons about Ted Cruz’s daughters.

But something tells me that the ideological Mr. Lemon will still ask foolish questions to guests in the future.

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